College Essay Topics

Learning Styles

Abstract How may the students learn is always a concern for teachers in order to deliver a practical approach to learning a subject. Similarly, how teachers “become” inside their classroom while teaching is a reflection of students’ performance as students prefer a teacher who has a variety of ways in teaching. With 489 male and… View Article

Philippine Educational Status

Philippine education is patterned after the American system, with English as the medium of instruction. Schools are classified into public (government) or private (non-government). The general pattern of formal education follows four stages: Pre-primary level (nursery, kindergarten and preparatory) offered in most private schools; six years of primary education, followed by four years of secondary… View Article

Professional Cheating Websites

Random interview is the method that we are going to use for gathering data because in interviews information is obtained through inquiry and recorded by enumerators. Structured interviews are performed by using survey forms, whereas open interviews are notes taken while talking with respondents. The notes are subsequently structured interpreted foe further analysis. Open-ended interviews,… View Article

Endicott College

Even before the end of the academic year, high school students are excited to choose universities and campuses where they want to continue their tertiary education. There are many reputable colleges and universities out there, but among those which stand out is the Endicott College. Background/History In 1939, just before World War II and towards… View Article

College Strictly

The learned philosopher Aristotle maintains that the pursuit of learning belongs at the heart of what is means to be human. By nature, he states, all men desire to know, inasmuch as all men seek to understand all things on account of being awed (cited in Marias, 1967, p. 63) But what is especially onerous… View Article

Shortening School Days

School days should be shortened by two hours, because students should have more time to complete homework and study. One reason to shorten the school days is that if you want to get into a good high school or college, students will need lots of time for homework. The students will also need time to… View Article

Sports and Academic Achievement

Many studies have been done regarding the positive impact that athletics has on a student’s life. Studies have looked at the physical impact that athletics has on a student’s life like sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle, discipline, strategy, and time management. We will be looking at studies that have explored the impact that athletics has on students’… View Article

Student Individuality Synthesis Paper

As human beings, we love to have the freedom to express ourselves. Public high school students spend on average eight hours in a building where behaviors are set. This strips them of their individuality in their most vulnerable stage of development through bell schedules, behavioral expectations and standardized testing. According to the school system in… View Article

The Art Institute

My goals in life are not hard to achieve at all. First and foremost, I realize for a goal to be achieved,it will take determination and discipline to achieve it. Walking across that stage is my number one goal. Having the ability to graduate with my friends comes from hardwork and dedication, but I know… View Article

Value of Homework

Homework can be defined in simple words as “any task assigned to students by school teachers that are meant to be carried out during non school hours (cooper 1989).”Students are expected to complete their homework time. Completing homework properly helps students with understand their class work, quizzes, tests, and exams. Most parents think their children… View Article

A Little Bit Here and There

I have taken 12 years of English in my past. My experience was good, I always felt like English was my strongest subject and I always enjoyed it the most because it gave me the opportunity to express myself with pen and paper. In high school I finished of the year strong graduating doing extra… View Article

Are Gap Years a Good Idea?

When you think about graduating high school, it is almost ingrained in your brain that college is the next step. You think, “Who doesn’t have a college degree?” And where in life am I going to get without one. But school is not for everybody. A lot of kids, including me, just go to college… View Article

Assessment of Students’ Satisfaction on the Restructured

1.0 Introduction At the University of Ghana there are reports that rooms originally built to take two students, are now officially allocated to five students (after minor modifications), but unofficially occupied by as many as eight or nine – to the knowledge of the university authorities! Apart from the obvious hygiene and health hazards posed,… View Article

Opportunities and Challenges of Having Access to a Broader Workforce

Question: a) Discuss the opportunities and challenges of having access to a broader workforce. Answer: The Workforce is the total number of a country’s population employed in the armed forces and civilian jobs, plus those unemployed people who are actually seeking paying work. In other words, workforce also refers to Total number of employee (usually… View Article

Enforcement of a 4 Day School Day

Have you ever thought of having a 4 day weekday rather than a 5 day weekday, instead of that short 2 day of relaxation you gain another day to rest off that stress filled body to the luxurious sofa sitting at your house? Well some work places incorporated a 4 day weekend instead of the… View Article