College Essay Topics

High School Dropouts Reflection

I believe the dropout rate is so high because, as stated in the article “High School Dropouts: Costly to American Economy”, “the teachers [don’t] care, the students [don’t] care.” I believe that lack of interest on both the student’s and the teacher’s part impacts whether a student might drop out. I also believe that factors… View Article

College Gap Year

Graduation is the time when young students become liberated from the daily grind and gain freedom to choose whatever they want to do with their lives. Some students decide to go directly to college, while some prefer to go to the workforce. A gap year, or a year off of school between high school and… View Article

The Study Habits of Adult College Students

Abstract: The study habits of adult college students over age 25 were compared to a group of younger students at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. The younger students were matched with the older groups on four characteristics: sex, major field of study, semester credit load, and class standing. All 56 participants were undergraduate students… View Article

Report Education System in Japan

Japan has already begun to experience a population decline, with the result that many universities are already having difficulty maintaining their student populations, although entry into top ranks of the universities remains hugely competitive. The emerging and foreseeable trend is that many universities will have to try to attract large numbers of foreigners or diversify… View Article

Students Should Be Paid for Good Grades

Recently, an experiment released by the social-policy research group Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation (MDRC) found that cash could positively improve student’s grades. This interesting phenomenon has draw people’s attention. In the olden days, students earned a good grade for the praise from parents and teachers. However, it has changed as time has passed by. Today,… View Article

Electoral College Of U.S.A

The President and Vice-President of U. S. A are being elected by a body of electors. The scripter’s of U. S Constitution formulated an indirect method for electing the President and Vice-President. This method is known as the ‘Electoral College “which scripter viewed that would end in informed, educated persons being selected to their nation’s… View Article

Effective emerging leader

It is very important for an effective emerging leader such as me, to become stronger in a stimulating, educationally-rich environment. To become great, a student leader must have many great examples of leadership, teaching and truth. The University of South Florida embodies all of these traits for me, and that is why this university appeals… View Article

Community College vs Four-Year College

Many people feel that being in a community college is effortless. Students studying in a four-year college speculate that those students who are enrolled in a community college are “living the life”, meaning they do not have any worries about anything and are taking the easy way out to achieve some sort of degree or… View Article

College Uneducation

I wish to speak on “College Uneducation.” Is it possible that our college educationmay “uneducate” rather than educate? I answer “Yes.” It is a paradox but nonetheless the truth—the grim, unmerciful truth. We all believe in higher education; else we should not be in the University. At the same time, college education—like all other human… View Article

Nigeria Student

My name is Adebimpe Godwin Akinade, I am from Nigeria, and I am 16 years of age, I have three (3) sisters, one of them is in Nigeria while the other two are here in London with me. I love playing video games during my lecture time and also reading novels as well. I love… View Article

Today’s Educational System

What is wrong with the education system we follow today in the country? The general education system is focused only on examinations rather than training students for the future and really testing their knowledge. Because of this, students are forced to take tests that show only their retention powers, not their actual capacity or knowledge…. View Article

College Answers

Hi everyone! Good morning and welcome to all who have gathered here today! I’ll try my best to avoid the “Papa Kehte speeches of koi engineer ka kaam karega, business mein koi apna naam karega” Its kind of funny that we have got to bid farewell to this college today only to come back in… View Article

Athletics and the Effect on Academics

The purpose of this research proposal is to determine if extracurricular activities such as sports has a positive or negative affect on junior high student’s academic achievement. I will discuss past research that has been conducted and their results as well articles written on the topic. I will also discuss my research method and how… View Article

Why Students Fail in College

Colleges nowadays, admit a large number of students from various backgrounds. The students begin college with many expectations. They aspire to have a better future and face their responsibilities wholeheartedly. Some students enter colleges with specific interests, while others begin their education, clueless of what to major on. These circumstances have led students to a… View Article

Clayton College Of Natural Health

This thesis is an exploratory study which investigates the phenomena of holistic healing through a phenomenological approach and the potential of this process to reveal the importance of relying on the client as the most important information resource. Using qualitative design, this research chronicles the experiences of people for their impressions regarding their healing experiences… View Article

Small Town Girl

Many people are defined by their family, past experiences, or by how much money they own; for me location is a major defining factor of who I am as a person. Geography can determine ones accent, characteristics, and one’s human nature. For many, a geographic location can hold a distinct meaning that may influence ones… View Article

Critical Analysis of the US Electoral College

Electoral College is a term that refers to a selected group of representatives who perform the task of electing candidates for particular powerful offices such as presidents or church leaders. The selection process of electing candidates usually involves participants from different and competing political or religious entities. In the recent past, the Electoral College has… View Article

College is not for Everyone

Where is the fault in a person who discovers their dreams prior to their collegiate degree? The reason behind people taking tertiary education is to have a firmer background when undertaking future tasks. Simply saying, college is to help a person retain a focus until and beyond graduation. There are privileges in having a college… View Article

Choosing a College Course

Introduction Many students find it difficult in choosing what course to take in college. For seniors or graduating high school students, the pressure goes higher as the end of their term is coming because the time is running and decreasing for deciding what course they will take. Choosing a course is really a hard decision… View Article

College Debate

In Katherine Porter’s essay, “The Value Of a College Degree”, Katherine answers the question to whether continuing education beyond high school is worth it or not. Since college costs are increasing radically every year, many students and parents aren’t considering a two- or four-year college education a necessity. Her essay is reaches out to those… View Article

College Case

As I near the end of my senior year, I reflect on the events of my life that have molded me into the person I am today. In 2005 my parent’s divorced several weeks after their 13 year anniversary. Only 10 years old at the time, I understood that I had the responsibility to set… View Article

Community Colleges vs College Universites- Compare Contrast

When graduating high school many students are concerned with choices they have to make as to which college they would like to attend. Some may have more options than others that have to be considered as far as their lifestyle, current jobs, other responsibilities they may have, personality and their academic goals. Choosing a college… View Article

Parental Involvement

The goal of positive and productive family and community involvement is on every school improvement list, but few schools have implemented comprehensive programs of partnership. Research suggests that this goal is an important one to reach because families and communities contribute to children’s learning, development, and school success at every grade level. Studies are accumulating… View Article

Why Students of the School of Pharmacy Shift to Another Course

Introduction Pharmacy is a course concentrating on drugs and patient care. With rapid advances being made in medicine, it is necessary for pharmacy students to encounter more pressure in studying and to be life-long learners after graduating from pharmacy school. Motivation is a psychological concept that refers to a person’s willingness to put effort in… View Article

Reducing College Tuition

Abstact There is a need to reduce the cost of college tuition in America. The rising costs threaten the ability and desire of students to attend college, but there are ways for both parents and students to make going to college more affordable. The Need to Reduce College Tuition With the cost of education on… View Article

Study Habits

Education is a process to develop the intellectual faculties of the man.It makes the civilized,refined,cultured and educated.For a civilized and social ized society,education is the only means .It makes a man perfect.It is systematic through which a child or a man acquires knowledge ,experience ,skill and sound attitude.Every society gives importance to education because it… View Article

Points of Sale

2.1 INTRODUCTION The data collection used as references to gain information during the research conducted. This literature reviews discuss about the information gathered by reading journals and websites. It explains several important terms being used in developing a Student Information Management System. While, project methodology is methods or technique used to complete this project. This… View Article

Pressures Of Higher Education

It is a brisk day in October, and all the leaves are crackling as every college student around the country is headed to his or her library, trying to get some studying in for the next exams. Some fully understand the subject matter and will constantly pressure themselves to keep on getting better; Others do… View Article

College Student Should Join Clubs

Students of any university or community college attend school in pursuit of an education and career. Most of the time spent by college students is aimed towards studying, doing homework, and any other activity that will assist their education. What many college students are unaware of though, is by affiliating themselves with clubs and organizations,… View Article

Discipline: School Types

It doesn’t take a lot of research to tell us that discipline in school is different today than it was in the 1950s. But it does take some investigation to find out why. Various studies have shown that students who act up in school express a variety of reasons for doing so: * Some think… View Article