College Essay Topics

College Debate

In Katherine Porter’s essay, “The Value Of a College Degree”, Katherine answers the question to whether continuing education beyond high school is worth it or not. Since college costs are increasing radically every year, many students and parents aren’t considering a two- or four-year college education a necessity. Her essay is reaches out to those… View Article

College Case

As I near the end of my senior year, I reflect on the events of my life that have molded me into the person I am today. In 2005 my parent’s divorced several weeks after their 13 year anniversary. Only 10 years old at the time, I understood that I had the responsibility to set… View Article

Community Colleges vs College Universites- Compare Contrast

When graduating high school many students are concerned with choices they have to make as to which college they would like to attend. Some may have more options than others that have to be considered as far as their lifestyle, current jobs, other responsibilities they may have, personality and their academic goals. Choosing a college… View Article

Parental Involvement

The goal of positive and productive family and community involvement is on every school improvement list, but few schools have implemented comprehensive programs of partnership. Research suggests that this goal is an important one to reach because families and communities contribute to children’s learning, development, and school success at every grade level. Studies are accumulating… View Article

Why Students of the School of Pharmacy Shift to Another Course

Introduction Pharmacy is a course concentrating on drugs and patient care. With rapid advances being made in medicine, it is necessary for pharmacy students to encounter more pressure in studying and to be life-long learners after graduating from pharmacy school. Motivation is a psychological concept that refers to a person’s willingness to put effort in… View Article

Reducing College Tuition

Abstact There is a need to reduce the cost of college tuition in America. The rising costs threaten the ability and desire of students to attend college, but there are ways for both parents and students to make going to college more affordable. The Need to Reduce College Tuition With the cost of education on… View Article

Study Habits

Education is a process to develop the intellectual faculties of the man.It makes the civilized,refined,cultured and educated.For a civilized and social ized society,education is the only means .It makes a man perfect.It is systematic through which a child or a man acquires knowledge ,experience ,skill and sound attitude.Every society gives importance to education because it… View Article

Points of Sale

2.1 INTRODUCTION The data collection used as references to gain information during the research conducted. This literature reviews discuss about the information gathered by reading journals and websites. It explains several important terms being used in developing a Student Information Management System. While, project methodology is methods or technique used to complete this project. This… View Article

Pressures Of Higher Education

It is a brisk day in October, and all the leaves are crackling as every college student around the country is headed to his or her library, trying to get some studying in for the next exams. Some fully understand the subject matter and will constantly pressure themselves to keep on getting better; Others do… View Article

College Student Should Join Clubs

Students of any university or community college attend school in pursuit of an education and career. Most of the time spent by college students is aimed towards studying, doing homework, and any other activity that will assist their education. What many college students are unaware of though, is by affiliating themselves with clubs and organizations,… View Article

Discipline: School Types

It doesn’t take a lot of research to tell us that discipline in school is different today than it was in the 1950s. But it does take some investigation to find out why. Various studies have shown that students who act up in school express a variety of reasons for doing so: * Some think… View Article

Going to College

Going to college really does open a new chapter in everyone life, the beginning of new friendships, opportunities and growth. As a college student, a new student will be introduced to new areas of interest, broaden his vision of possibilities, establish and accomplish goals, develop lifelong friendships and define him or her in ways that… View Article

Open Letter Assignment

I have dreamt of graduating college since I began school. By the time I was your age, I had been practicing my college acceptance speech to my parents for many years. I understand that it can be difficult to imagine another four years of schooling. When you look at the alternative, however, you will find… View Article

Pupils at Elementary School and Their Behavior

Elementary school was formerly the name given to publicly funded schools in Great Britain[citation needed] which provided a basic standard of education for working class children aged from five to 14, the school leaving age at the time. They were also known as industrial schools. Elementary schools were set up to enable working class children… View Article

Advantages of Technical Education

It is appropriate for me to seize this opportunity to speak a couple of words on the need to expand Technical Education in the country. In Sri Lanka, technical education began in the 1890s with the establishment of the Colombo Technical College, which, as Government Department, functioned to cater to certain requirements of such Government… View Article

The prices of college

The prices of college tuition have increased yearly, and not much of an effort is put forth to try to lower the costs. For example, colleges in the state of Pennsylvania have a high tuition. Moravian College’s tuition is about $32,931, and after receipt of grants and scholarships for one year it will be $22,900…. View Article

Biography of Malcolm Knowles

Introduction One cannot mention Adult Education without making reference to the internationally reputable adult educationist by the name of Malcolm Shepherd Knowles. Malcolm is renowned for leading both as an academician and practitioner who played a crucial role in the development and the application of adult learning across the globe (George, 2011). Background Malcolm Shepherded… View Article

College Players Should Get Paid

In the world, college athletics grows and continues to bring large financial benefits to colleges, universities and even sponsors. This leads to many debates concerning the payment of the athletes. Some people think that scholarship paid to colleges for these student athletes is enough while others claim that the payments might make them to leave… View Article

Paying Collegiate Athletes

A college is an educational institution, where students live together under a common set of rules. A college can be said to be a part of the university, which lack degree-awarding powers. Athletes can be said to be a collection of sport events. These sport events involve running, throwing and jumping, and can also be… View Article

Favorite Teacher

INTRODUCTION The teacher was asking some simple questions in arithmetic. The class was learning the simple operation of division. When the teacher asked how many bananas would each boy get if three bananas were divided equally among three boys, someone had an answer. One each. Thousand bananas divided equally among thousand boys? The answer was… View Article

I Should Pass This Class Because

I Need to pass my Eng 096 writing in order for me to move on to the next level of my education. I am doing computer science as a major at a college, and in order for me to get into the program I need to pass english 101 and college level math, so I… View Article

The ICT Development Plan

A development plan sits alongside the school’s policy for ICT. It explains in detail the parallel developments that will need to take place in order to achieve the vision together with the intended timeframe. The ICT development plan will need to define the key interrelated areas of development necessary to achieve a successful ICT strategy…. View Article

Love Relationship Among Student

This research study examines the relationship between academic achievement and at-risk students. Many issues today affect the achievement gap and the ability for at-risk students to succeed. Most data, as revealed in the studies included in this review, conclude the factors identifying at-risk students do have significant impact on the academic achievement of individual students… View Article

Medieval Universities

The English universities were one of the most significant creations of Medieval England. The scholars who attended eitherOxford or Cambridge Universities set an intellectual standard that contrasted markedly with the norm of Medieval England. Oxford University came into being some 20 years before Cambridge University. The church had a major impact at Oxford. The town… View Article

Human Elements In Administration

People are the most important element in an organization whether it’s a business enterprise, a school, an army or hospital. School administrator and supervisors must be prepared to deal effectively with the people involved because they have the most difficulty in understanding and dealing with the human elements of administration. The administrator must understand certain… View Article

Class Prophecy of Batch 2010 in Morms.Doc

Most of us would agree that the days we spent in high school were certainly the best days of our lives. Memorable ones I suggest. It was in high school that we made our grown-up friends, competed to excel, hoped for places in the sports team, toiled to lead in the student council, and yielded… View Article

College: An Opportunity to Succeed in Life

College, to some people, may be a waste of time, but to me college is an opportunity to succeed in life. I spent all those years in elementary school, middle school, and high school, than why not take a few more helpful years and not be a waste! If I don’t spend time to make… View Article

My Decision to Enroll in College

People have different reasons and point of views why it is important for them to enroll in college. Basically, achieving a degree is a stepping stone to reach one’s goals. For me, I enroll in college, definitely, because it is a given fact and expectation that after high school, I need to choose a course… View Article

Self-sacrifice Definition

There will always be something in your life that you want to protect or cherish. You sacrifice yourself in order to keep these valuable things with you. Self-sacrifice, by dictionary definition is sacrifice of one’s interest, desire, etc., as for duty or the good of another. Self-sacrifice has always been a big theme in many… View Article

Community College

An analysis of the public school system reveals one challenge facing community colleges and universities: Rising costs are putting pressure on enrollment or forced schools to limit the number of courses they can offer. Every year the result has been a dramatic drop in the number of students the system can afford to teach. Most… View Article