College writing and casual writing Essay

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College writing and casual writing

A. I think there is a big difference in college writing and casual writing. I fell like college writing has is more structured. You have to capitalize the words that need to be capitalized, Indent at the beginning of each paragraph, and write paragraphs in the write structure. College level writing is more in-depth and detailed than casual writing. B. My favorite hobby is listening and creating music. Music is very strong, meaningful, and a way to express feelings. C. I love listening and creating music. Listening and creating music is very fun to me, it’s also very relaxing. Music can be very useful in many ways. You can give a positive message in music and also get people to enjoy it by expressing on a rhythmic beat and words. Listening and creating music gives an outlet to express many different emotions, sad, mad, and happy. Creating music is fun from recording lyrics to mixing and creating the whole sound. Music is what I do in my free time, it’s my favorite hobby. Part2:

A. I have to basic step that I think is going to be the most difficult for me is “Drafting”. The reason I chose drafting is because I never utilized that step unless it was required by the teacher, and counted as part of the assignment. I’m going to start utilizing all of the steps that where listed. When I write my text paper I’m going to sit down and plan my paper, Also planning and taking the proper steps actually make the paper easier to write.

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