College Tuition Essay

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College Tuition

College as we all know is very pricey from the cost of tuition all the way to the text books and fee’s, but the question I’m sure everyone including myself would like to know is why? And where all the money that we pay is actually going. College is what everyone knows as furthering there education or it’s a way to get a better paying job. One of the very first things people look at when applying for a college the is the tuition. How much is this school going to cost me. The cost of college tuition has changed a lot over the years.

who knows what it will be in the next five ten years. But as for right now its expensive enough. With there being so many different colleges across the U. S. There should be one universal cost for all the four year colleges and one for the two year colleges instead of having one college cost thousands of dollars more then the other ones. I am in my second year of college at the community college of Denver, and granite it’s one of the cheaper schools I still think that the cost is outrages. We go to college to better our lives to get more training and education.

So we can get that better paying job. Its not easy to do and not every one can do it. But is spending all this money really helping us better our lives or is it making life harder and more stressful? Most people cant pay the full tuition up front so they look at there options. Taking out a loan, or getting on a payment plan. If you decided to take out a loan that’s great you don’t have to worry bout money right now its taken care of. What happens later on down the road when your out of school finally and still broke but this time your in more debt then you know how to handle.

Is it necessary to have the cost of tuition so high that a lot of people cant afford it, are school boards or school officials trying to put us in debt? It’s hard enough to get out of debt and when your there the money just keeps adding up. Tuition is different for every school and I’m sure there is a hand full of people if not more that have taken out loans to help pay for there way through school. Even after you pay your tuition you still have text books and other fees that are totally separate from what you already paid.

Is attending college really helping us better ourselves or is it just helping us dig ourselves in to places like debt that are hard to get out of? College is expensive for multiple reasons. It may seem like your paying all this money for nothing but in all reality your not. The money you pay goes towards keeping the campus clean and running. Your paying so much so they can hire the bestinstructors. So they can to teach you all they can for what you have paid. You pay the money might as well get all you can out of it.

Those are the two main reason to why you pay so much in tuition is to keep things running. The money also buys computers for labs and materials you might need minus your text books. There is maybe a handful of things that you can think of that maybe our money that we pay for tuition goes towards. It still feels like we pay more then they need us to. Every class has its own requirements. Most classes require you to purchase a text book that you may or may not use during the semester. You go to buy the book and you see the price and it isn’t cheap not even the used ones are all that cheap.

Why have us pay so much in tuition if we still have to purchase books and other things. The cost of books aren’t cheap. Why cant there be class sets. Were we check them out and in order to receive a grade for that class at the end of the semester you have to check your book back in. not everybody wants to buy a book they will use once. I personally think that with all the money we give the school for tuition they could at least supply the books and materials needed. Isn’t there a better way then having us as students spend more money then necessary.

We just want to further our education not be put in debt or tight money situations. The more you pay the better education and training your going to get, because the board of educators can afford to hire better educators. There are lots of colleges around the united states, and every one has a different tuition price. As well as different fields that they can help teach you more about or train you in. for an example metro is known for the school of business. Most schools have one specialty program that A. is always really pricey and B. makes sure you get where you would need to be when you get that college degree.

They are pretty much saying you get what you pay for. Why cant there just be a universal tuition? What is the pint in having in state and out of state prices? The cost of college tuition and the price of text books most likely wont be going down anytime soon. But now you have more of a back ground as to why you pay so much and to where all your money is actually going. I started out this paper thinking that the cost of tuition was way to high and I can honestly say that I still think that even after my research.

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