College: Ready Or Not, Here It Comes! Essay

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College: Ready Or Not, Here It Comes!

Schools from all over the country are preparing for the upcoming graduations in their respective institutions whether it is elementary, secondary or college academies especially those in high school.

As often said, high school is a training ground for the upcoming college adventure of teenagers – a sanctuary for students to assert themselves and prepare themselves for the stress they are bound to face once they stepped on their college universities. But sadly, students graduating from secondary schools aren’t that assured as others believed to be.

Unfortunately, according to the statistics, of the ten students that will finish elementary level, only seven would move up to the secondary level and only three would finish college up to the very end. These, as researches said, are commonly caused by poverty, lack of motivation and – yes – unpreparedness.

The question is how we can deem a student ready for his /her college life. What are the things a student must have to be called prepared? What are the pointers that a senior student must consider in getting ready for college?

First things first, we must know what we want. Choosing a course just simply because it’s ‘in’ would get you nowhere. Instead, select the one that would fit your character as well as your interests. Most college freshmen end up flunking their courses due to this misconception. Secondly, choose a college that would fit your standards. Somewhere near your place and offers quality education at your own price. After these two, you won’t have much difficulty in getting to college.

But then, we always have the third cue. It would always end with the question ‘Can I do this?’ The answer? Of course you can! You would just need to shape up yourself.

You must set your mind first to your goal. Your goal: to survive college and move on with life. Then, start having the confidence in you. Remember, this is college we are talking about. You will start off with only yourself to lean on before you get to meet other people. It would also help if you try to keep the pressure from getting to you. Take a load off and relax while you’re at it. Keep in mind that your education would not prosper if you would think of it as a duty – a burden – instead of an enjoyable activity. It doesn’t matter if you get awards or not, what matters is that you are learning steadily – awards are just bonuses. If you’ll observe our current society, you can perceive that the most successful personalities were not honor students during their times. Take them as your inspiration and surely, you can get through college with lesser difficulties.

It wouldn’t hurt to put some effort on to something that we want to achieve. High school, as early as it seems, is not a mere phase of your life to learn something from the books. It is a phase where we should learn both the reality of life and to build an identity of our own – to discover ourselves. We can never stop time so use it wisely. Hopefully, students wouldn’t say the words ‘College: here it comes’ but rather, the declaration ‘College: ready or not, here I come’!

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