College Life Essay

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College Life

College life is stress free; whoever said anything about it being difficult is ludacris. Being in college is so nice. There is work but there isn’t as much work as in high school. The assignments aren’t due for credit or points in our final grade. We do assignments for fun. It’s no big deal if we don’t do our homework, cramming the material the night before always works, that’s how high school was. The rest of the time we don’t have class we hang out with friends and talk until the day ends.

There are so many things to do on campus such as joining clubs, going downtown, going shopping, or walking around campus with friends; there is no time for homework. There is only time for exploring and having fun in college. That’s what the college life is all about having fun and socializing to our hearts content at parties, during class, after classes and on the weekends. All of the socializing outside of school leads you to do well in college.

Testing your boundaries and finding out what you truly love to do. Classes are there to keep you on track and help you appreciate what you’re doing outside of school. School is there to help you realize what you want to do in the future, whether it is your new hobby or your career. College is all about finding yourself. You can always make up the schoolwork anytime, but the main focus that schools want you to do is to have fun while being able to balance assignments and school. They are preparing you for your exciting future in the real world.

The real world and the world of college are different but pretty much the same, there are the same workloads and most definitely the same enjoyment in the things you do at work and in college. College work is harder since you have to worry about making connections in college and keeping them strong because those relationships are those that you’re going to treasure most. No one talks about high school memories, everyone talks about college memories.

That’s why having the most fun those college years and caring less about school is the way to go for the best college memories and experiences you may ever have, in your entire life. Life is going to be boring without those college years of fun, going in to the working world with more experiences from college gives you a head up in the game, called the real world. Although you think its bad for you now, but wait until you get to tell everyone about your experiences in college during those job interviews.

They will be excited to hire you right off the bat knowing that you are ready for the real world. Ready to work now that you have experience in experiencing the world to its fullest, and being able to share those experiences and relating them to people and their situations.

My modest proposal is to enjoy yourself in college, don’t worry too much about the grades. Be in college for the education but don’t forget to go wild when having fun during those college years. You never know when you’re going to be able to experience them again in the real world.

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