College Initiative Essay

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College Initiative

Many people have goals and dreams they would love to achieve in life. My goal is to go into the medical field and become a professional in veternarian medicine. But the only way I can do that is to further my education, have proof of how focus and determined I am about what I want to be in life. My mother always said if you really want something in life strive for it.

Don’t let someone deprive you of what you want. So here I am in college trying to better myself for my future, because in reality what most people do not know is that they need to go to college if you really want to really support themselves, make a better living. The longer you stay in college the higher the degree, the higher the degree the higher your pay will be.

In my family education was always stressed upon me and my brothers, because my parents didn’t want us to struggle our whole life living from paycheck to paycheck like many people before us. That is why I am trying to be better than that. I want to beat the statistic, I want to prove to myself, the world that I am not just another number, that I will be able to choose my own future without being so limited in choices.

My plans as a student of Saint Johns River State Community College is to receive the highest possible grades, and make the Deans List, so that way at the end of my two years at Saint Johns River State College, when I graduate with my AA degree, I can further my education onto other colleges such as forsay my dream college University of South Florida. They will see that I am not like the rest that I am my own individual who strives for the best of what the world has to offer. How I see it is if you do not go to college, have some form of document, then it is just going to be harder to find an actual decent job.

Take for instance, one of my passions in life is music if I were to want to go pursue music and make it something major, the chances of me making it, becoming famous are high, but the chances of me staying famous are slim. Because so many people would want it as much as I do. But if you get a education, an actual filed document showing proof that you know what your doing and that your a very serious individual then you will stand out from the rest, and most likely stay in the lime light.

College has so many oportunities. Since I want to major in veternarian medicine the requirements I will need are many certain sciences and many maths. And in college they offer to the classes I need to reach my goal. I personally do not see college as a chore but as a tool to reach where I need to be in life, and others, so why not take advantage of what is offered? Many people think that college is just a bunch of unnecessary work, when in reality the things that are learned in the books are basic knowledge you need in your everyday life.

Jobs use basic knowledge from your eduacation all the time, and if you do not have basic educaton knowlegde then how do you suppose you survive in the real world? That is why goal is to stay in college for an estimate of eight years, and gain the knowledge I need to survive in the real world.

My hopes and dreams by the end of my college life is that I will become representative, set a good example to people all the people who are around my age, that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Striving for the best for yourself and going infinity and beyond with it, will help you become more independent and well rounded as a person. My love and compassion for animals is what keeps me determined to accomplish what others might say is the impossible but to me is just another task on my list.

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