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College Essay

Suggest you have already gathered all the necessary documents and ready to make it into college. Imagine you are the perfect student with perfect recommendation letters, test scores, and other application thingies. But that’s not good enough for college admission officers. The committee-men want to read the application essay.

Even if you are the all-time best student, you should not treat you essay carelessly. Think about it as of the final touch to your admission documentation. And you want it to be perfect, don’t you?

There are three reasons the college committee wants you to write the essay. First, they want to make sure that your writing is good enough. Second, they want to check whether their future student can justify his or her point of view with powerful arguments. Finally, they want to know more about your personal life, your character, and your reaction to hardships and achievements.

It is logical to assume that requirements for your essay follow this expectation. Your admissions essay should be well-structured, have a solid evidential base, and provide unique information about you. Keep in mind that this essay is your first introduction to your future college tutors. Of course, you don’t want it to mingle with other lookalike papers. So your purpose is to show your unique nature and make an excellent first impression on college admissions officers.

Types of Topics

First things first: you need to know an about all possible types of college application essays to start writing yours. Generally speaking, almost any kind of narrative piece will do. In your particular situation, the committee wants to hear the story of your life while reading your essay. They don’t want your essay to persuade them or change their minds. Stay away from discussion essays while you are writing. Among the most common application essay topics, there are “you”-essays, “college”-essays, and “creative”-essays. Let’s discuss all the benefits and pitfalls that lie in wait for you in each specific case.

  1. “you”-essays. Essays of this type point directly at your traits and kind of the person you are. The upside of these topics is their straightforwardness and seeming easiness. The latter is the downside as well. While writing college essay of this type, students tend to speak of everything and nothing at the same time. They forget about structure and spread themselves too thin. Bottom line: if you choose this type of essay, make sure that you have one main idea and sustain the logical flow of the essay. Additionally, don’t forget about the narrative. Otherwise, you might write an incoherent and erratic text.
  2. “college”-essays. The main goal of these essays is to prove the feasibility of your choice of college. A remarkable advantage of this topic is its clear thesis. You are supposed to square your personal goals with education program of the specific institution. The most important thing while writing this kind of essay is not to make a mistake about the college. Thus, the first thing you should do is to research information on the life of students in your destination. Second, double-check the relevance of information that was already known. Lastly, you can justify your choice. This topic is a great way to revise your opinions on the further education.
  3. “creative”-essays. Your college wants its students to possess all possible positive qualities. That is why they choose a fiction essay. It is the way to reveal your comprehensive knowledge, imagination, and originality. Topics of that kind are the great way to talk about your interests and express your views. However, beware unstructured writing and false information. For instance, if you know some historical personalities, make sure that your college essay does not contradict their biographies. Moreover, moderate your creativity as it should not turn into eccentricity.

Topics to Avoid and Topics to Use

Are you already tired of the abstract and theoretical part? Then we have a piece of good news for you. It’s time to deal with some real advice that will help you.

Some people say that the best way to learn is to learn from own mistakes. However, that is not the case. You have one attempt, and you should know your enemy-topics. Most of these college essay topics are very popular and widely used; an essay with such issue will be doomed to mingle in the swirl of copycats. Stay away from them!

  • Caution! Edgy topics

You may have a thought that this choice will be taken as a testimony to your progressive position and broad interests. However, the author of a controversial essay can find himself on the thin ice of skepticism and contrary opinions. This kind of composition often turns to be off-topic and offensive to readers.

Under those circumstances, write about something kind rather than provoke an acrimonious dispute. Tell about things which only you can tell, leave politics and religion news to spokeswomen on news channels.

  • Over personal essays lead to over-saturation

Of course, your essay should not be a summary of your actions. You must season it with personal feelings and self-reflection. But this fact does not mean that you need to dwell upon your love life or confess to your flaws.

Instead, express your personal opinions in healthy doses. Depict an event and the following reaction which will probably make a beneficial impression on your readers.

  • Leave your boast behind

You have to admit that the reader doesn’t like when the writer shows off. This action can cause only the wave against the author. Of course, it is necessary to be confident, but it is not necessary to treat the college essay as a list of personal achievements.

As an alternative, demonstrate who you are through specific situations depicted in the paper. Do you want to display your outstanding logical thinking? Then it is better to write about the particular case in your life and how you applied your thinking.

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