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College Essay

The Ohio State University has been a college of my choice for multiple reasons. I always wanted to attend a college that would benefit me in a positive way. Before my visit to Ohio State I was undecided on what college I wanted to attend. However, after my visit to OSU’s campus I knew that Ohio State was the place for me. Ohio State is one of the few institutions that are committed to diversity and the overall success of its students.

The rigorous curriculum, study abroad opportunities and student organizations offered will not only groom me as a scholar but a person as well. While OSU is one of the largest universities, the freshman programs discussed during my visit have assured me that I would not be a number, but a member of the OSU community. I would like to be in a positive environment where the level of expectation and measurement for success is paramount.

From my research, OSU has a world class reputation in research and academics. As a prospective Finance major at the Fisher College of Business, I will plan to learn and operate in the values that reflect Max Fisher and the College of Business. With OSU being one of the top 20 colleges I felt there’s no other college that could fit me better. I feel The Ohio State University fits me best. I also can not forget the wonderful chant I was taught on the visit, when I say “O-H” you say “I-O.”

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