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College degree

Like almost everyone already asked this question when they have finished high school. Where will I be in about 10, 20 or even more 40 years? . I do not think anyone would like to be a waiter or taxi driver the rest of life; hence, going to college is a good way to know what you will be. It will help you to develop your abilities, your skills, accomplish your goals. People with a higher education can make a difference in the world. My reason for going to college is because I want a better life for myself and it will open many doors in my future life. I graduated from high school in 2007, when I was 17 years old in Peru.

My family always encouraged me to get higher education so I started thinking about what would I want to be? . I went to see many universities around my town in order to get more information about majors. I was confused between Hospitality Management and International Business but I decided to study Hospitality Management. It caught my attention because it deals with tourism and I love traveling. Besides hotels, I can get a job in many other places such restaurants, casinos, resorts and hospitals. I enrolled at San Ignacio de Loyola University because they have the best program in my major.

It is located an hour and a half from my house. When I was studying there, I learned a lot; especially, when I can deal for myself without my mom’s help because she did everything for me when I was at school. In Peru, there are many cases of delinquency and a few times robbers attacked me. The first occasion was a week of starting classes.

I could remember that I spent a whole day at the college doing my assignment. It was a lot and I was very tired that day. When I was on my way home and got off the bus, someone stole my handbag. My first reaction was to go running after him because he had all my work with my effort in it, my new purchased books.

That was horrible. The other times, robbers just stole my phone. It was because of these facts that gradually I did not want to go anymore. I was very scared on the streets, looking around; I could not take out my phone from my pockets. Because of that, I decided to leave the university. One the day, I talked with my grandmother who lives in the USA. We were discussing about my life and I told her that I wanted to continue studying, so she asked me to move in with her.

It was a very difficult decision for me because I would go to another country, starting a new life away from my parents and friends, and also I was afraid because I did not speak English fluently. However, I had to think about my future so I decided to move to the USA, but the problem was that my parents disagreed about coming here illegal. I went to the University to see if they have any program to study outside the country. They have it but one of the requirements is to have 60 credits. Unfortunately, I did not have that amount. I checked on internet any other possibilities and I found out about the student visa.

I did everything I needed to process the visa, such as translating my documents from high school, filling some papers, looking for my sponsor, and medical examination. A few days later, I went to the USA embassy with my parents, I was so nervous because my dream of keep studying was depending of their answer. The counselor looked my documents and approved my student visa. I was so happy that day. In the first days of arriving in USA, I enrolled at Union County College. At the beginning, I took ESL classes since level 4th. Now, I am almost done with it. Moreover, I am taking other courses in the fields of hotel management.

Therefore, I’m pretty sure that I will graduate in two more years and get my associate degree in Applied Science Program in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. However, getting a degree in USA and go back to my country will help me to get a more job opportunities since I’m bilingual. According to the article The Benefits of Earning a College Degree states, “One of the most important and obvious reasons to earn a college degree is to increase your earning potential”. Therefore, a good salary since people that have achieved a college degree are hired in at a higher pay and are considered to be much more employable.

For the reason that I want my own family, I would like to give them a good quality of life, and also provide inspiration to my children. In conclusion, I strongly believe that people should go to college. I feel good going to college because every time I learn something new. I am satisfied with every step I’m taking to get more knowledge and grow as a person. Also, see my parents feel proud of me is priceless. In fact, I recommend going to college is worth and it is not a waste of time because college will give a person the tools to succeed in the field of their choice. By graduating from college, everyone can get a dream job and start to make those dreams come true.

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