College Degree Essay

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College Degree

There are numerous points of view regarding going to college and earns a college degree. Some people say that college degree is not important, others says that it is important to each person. Nowadays, college degree is important to the person’s life, and it gives the person several positive things which affect their future life in a better way. Therefore, going to college and gets a degree is important. To begin with, most of the people who have a college degree have better jobs. According to the U. S government info web site “a high school graduate student can expect on average to earn $1.

2 million; and people with master’s degree $2. 5 million” and that’s was an example on how people with college degree can earns and have better jobs than others without. In addition maybe some people would say that’s a lot of people without degrees and without going to colleges succeed in their life. The answer for that is right. Malcolm X is a very good example of that. He is a famous writer, he didn’t seek any degree in his life but he succeeds. We shouldn’t forget that X had reddened a lot of books and he educated himself, but he was in prison so he didn’t have any other choice to study.

Not all the people have the ability to study by themselves; they don’t have the desire to do that. At the end, he educated himself and that’s the point of going to college and study there. As a matter of facts, college degree gives the person a status symbol in life. Nowadays, people look to the person through his/her education status, and people with Master’s degree or PHD’s don’t have the same status as people without any degree. For example, when companies want to hire employees they always prefer the more educated people.

That’s a good reason why people should go and seek college degrees because without it, it’s hard to find a job. Also, even if the tuition for education in these days is getting higher, still there are a lot of options and opportunities to study and get a degree. For example, one of the options is to go and study in a community college, or a state college instead of studying in a private one because it’s cheaper. Moreover, if the student can’t pay his/her tuition and their parents can’t pay them also, here one of the options that can help the student to study.

The Government offer financial aid to help all the people who can’t really pay their tuition for bachelor’s education. In addition, students can take loans to complete their education and it’s really worth it because they can pay back their loan gradually after finish school. In a conclusion, college degree is important to each person, and everyone should study to get it; because without this degree the person will remain without a status in life, and it will be harder to find a job. Additionally, the government offered many options to help people study and rich their dreams in life.

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