College Course Preference Essay

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College Course Preference

Months from now, senior high school students will be graduating and will be entering a new chapter of their lives—college life. In line with this, the incoming college freshmen should have decided on what program they should take in college. Unfortunately, senior students nowadays are facing a dilemma on their college course preference. This quandary made the researcher conduct a study regarding the factors that influence seniors’ decision making in their college course preference.

Information Technology, Nursing, and Hotel and Room Management are the usual courses that are taken up by many students because of the popularity. Some of them are constrained by their parents’ desire while some based their choice to one’s mental capacity. Some are hindered by their family status and there are those who still pursue their dreams. Some are undecided and end up taking a course which doesn’t fit them.

The seniors are loaded with a pile of school works, their theses, and basic accountancy. On weekends, some still find time to spend it with their friends in malls, computer shops, play basketball or just dillydally despite their busy schedule while some make use of these days to study their next lessons or prepare for their incoming thesis defense. These things made them forget that soon, they will be leaving this school and they need to pick a course and find a university or college. They even missed to search for courses and universities they might want to apply to but instead they arrive applying for a course they don’t even like.

The researcher desires to help the seniors and the next batches in deciding on what course to take in college by determining the factors that may influence them. The researcher wanted them to have an easier way to make a choice through presenting the respondents options that will determine the factors influencing their college course preference. This may also help the guidance counselor of the school in advising the students who are experiencing dilemma regarding their college course preference.

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