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College Campus

In this assignment we are going to design a campus network. Delta Community College (DCC) is a small college. It is attended by 600 full and part time students. The students do not live on campus. There are three dormitories for the students and each dorm can accommodate 400 students. Distance from the college campus to the dorms are: • Dorm1 <—> College Campus = 22KM • Dorm2 <—> College Campus = 5KM • Dorm3 <—> College Campus = 15KM Numbers of students are expected to be doubled every 4 years. There are 4 departments: • Arts and Humanities • Business • Social Sciences • Mathematics.

Every department has an average of 150 Students and an average of 10 professors each. There are approximately 20 Administrative personnel available. It is expected that everyone in the college should get access to the network. Students when they are in the dormitory should also get access to the college network. We need to design a computer network so that it is good for next 4 years. Now do the following: A. Every department and dormitory should be put on their own subnet. When you design the subnetting make sure your design support the following: 10 Points i. 3 subnets for 3 dorms each should support 400 hosts ii.

Different subnets for 4 departments • Students and professors should be in different subnets. There are 300 students and 10 professors per department iii. A subnet for administrative department which should support at least 30 hosts The assigned IP address is 10. 5. 3. 0/20. So do you think using this IP address we can design all the necessary subnets with at least the required numbers of hosts? If yes then design the subnet structure by showing the assigned IP address range for every subnet. If no then say why. B. Apply a hierarchical approach to design this network. Your design should include:7 Points i. Core Layer ii.

Distribution Layer iii. Access Layer In the designed network you need to mention what network device such as: cables, hubs, switches, routers etc. you are going to include in each layer. C. Dormitories are connected to the campus network via Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable. Because of attenuation loss we need to splice the fiber optic cable every 10km. if the splicing loss is: 0. 35dB then find out total splicing loss for every connection to each dormitory. 3 Points Note: There is at least 500m distance from the main server to different departments. So choose proper cabling when you connect the departments to the main server.

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