College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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College Athletes Should Be Paid

Tyus Jones was a basketball player at the University of Minnesota who was extremely talented on and off the court. In just his freshman year he won The University Of Minnesota their first national championship in 94 long years. Despite of Tyus’s on court abilities even with a full ride college scholarship Tyus was not able to afford the basic college life needs. To help out with the expenses Tyus got a job at the nearby Burger King, but after two short weeks he was forced to quit because it was impossible to manage school,basketball, and work. Tyus then realized he would have to get some form of help from the school to help him manage his spending. It should be required for all colleges to pay all their Division I athletes enough money for them to support themselves during the season.

Tyus was lucky, he was very talented on the court which gave him some legal extra benefits, but some players are not that lucky. Some players have no options but to accept illegal benefits and can be suspended or even fined. Most athletes are so busy with school and their sport that they are not able to work on the side to earn money. Also college are paid millions and millions of dollars by large network companies like Nbc, Fox, and even Espn when the main reason their college is in the spotlight is because of these talented players who get nothing for making everything happen.

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