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College athletes must Essay

Essay Topic:

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I. College athletes must a ridiculously amount of time into each sport they play.

A. Most athletes, particularly Division 1, don’t think they are getting all the benefits that they deserve for the amount of time and effort that they put into the university.
i. According to an NCAA survey conducted in 2011, “Division I football players averaged 43 hours a week. Baseball came in second with 42.1 hours and men’s basketball came in third with 39.2. These are in-season numbers. This means that on top of class work and homework, athletes are working a full-time job.

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” (Walch, 2016)
ii. Money is flooding into these universities because of the sports teams and the athletes do get benefits but for them it isn’t enough.
iii. Texas A&M tops the list making $192.6 million off of college athletics in 2016. Wisconsin makes about 123.9 million a year making it 12th on the list.
IV. None of these players are making a dime from it

B. Zach Bohannon, who played for the Wisconsin badgers basketball team between 2012 and 2014 became really interested in the idea of paying college athletes
i. He was a college athlete who was giving a presentation about how college athletes should not be paid. The more and more research that he did, the less it made sense.
ii. At Wisconsin he then met teammate Nigel Hayes who agreed with him tremendously on the topic
iii. 3 years later, Nigel showed up to College Gameday for the Wisconsin- Ohio St. football game with a sign reading, “Broke College Athlete. Anything Helps.”
iv. Nigel also said, \”We\’re not \’student-athletes.\’ We came there to play a sport. I never saw one professor, I never saw an academic adviser come to my house, come to any of my high school games. So if I\’m there for school, why weren\’t those people recruiting me to come there?” He said this shortly after stating that he could not afford a plane ticket to fly back and see his family for thanksgiving after all the money that he made for the University of Wisconsin.

C. These aren’t the only athletes who have gone against the norm and stood up for this belief.
i The NCAA was ruled responsible for the attorneys’ fees accumulated by the plaintiffs in the case of Ed O’Bannon, a standout basketball player at UCLA from 1991 until 1995. (Littlefield, 2015).
ii. The NCAA was ordered to pay $46 million in fees in the O’Bannon Case.
iii. In simplest terms to sum it up, the case, which has been wending its way through various courtrooms, contends that the NCAA has been ripping off so-called “student-athletes” by using their names, images, and likenesses to generate income for lots of people other than the athletes.

II. Student Athletes aren’t allowed to profit off their image
A. Athletes are always providing community service and appearances around the city
i. Through a wide-range of activities with organizations and groups of all ages, Penn State’s approximately 800 student-athletes performed more than 5,300 hours of community service in 2014-15. (Penn St News, 2017).
ii. Some athletes are even treated like celebrities and people would go crazy at the chance to meet some of them, I believe you should be able to profit off of that.
iii. If you are clearly one of the better athletes in the country, people would be willing to pay top dollar just to watch you and your team succeed.

B. Coaches make millions off of the players success.
i. The average division 1 football coach salary is 1.64 million.
ii. That’s nothing compared to coaches like Nick Saban with Alabama who makes 11.1 million per year
iii. Ellen Staurowsky is a professor of sports management at Drexel University and a co-author of a report that claims student athletes are deprived of billions in dollars of revenue that they deserve. Her analysis found that if football revenue were evenly split with athletes, each of the 7,560 players on scholarship at Division I-A schools would receive about $115,000 per year. At Alabama, players would make about $450,000.

C. Lots of older NCAA college games used to rip-off real life players
i. I can say from experience, I used to play NCAA basketball video games a lot and also watched a lot of Wisconsin Badger games. The players in the game looked like some of my favorite players in real life with the same builds and everything but still looked a little different but actually had the same style of game that the actual players had.
ii. A player who shares Missouri Tigers junior nose tackle Lucas Vincent\’s jersey number, position, class, skin tone, height, weight, top depth-chart spot, and likely other personal traits appears in EA Sports\’ NCAA Football 14.
iii. It will contribute between two and 15 years worth of virtual football on thousands of game consoles, and Vincent will not be compensated for this in any way*.
iv. He can’t be paid by EA Sports, the same situation has happened for other popular players like Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and South Carolina Defensive End Jadaveon Clowney. These players also appear in the game and match themselves in real life in everyway except their names. This is due to current NCAA rules, which allow the governing body to legally block player licenses from being sold. Both EA and the NCAA have repeatedly argued over the years that the game\’s players are not modeled on real athletes, despite evidence and just common sense.

III. Although they are many pros, others think that paying college athletes has its fair share of cons as well.
A. How could you possibly pay all these players from the very popular football team to the women’s gymnastics team all the same? Where would the money come from?
i. The NCAA and CBS/Turner sports have a 10.8 billion dollar contract for March Madness between 2011 and 2024. That’s basically 11 billion dollars for 3 weekends of television during the month of March. (Wilbon, 2011)
ii. To add to this ESPN has a new four-year deal that pays the BCS $500 million.
iii. “What if people in the business of money took $1.3 billion off the top, invested it, sheltered it and made it available to provide a stipend to college athletes, how could anybody stand on principal and argue against paying the people who make the events possible in the first place?” (Wilbon, 2011)
B. Another con many people think of when coming to paying college athletes is that the athlete won’t care about their education anymore
i. Some of those athletes wouldn’t be able to get the education they have without their gifted athletic abilities.
ii. For a lot of Division 1 NCAA schools, you only have to have a high school gpa about 2.0 to be eligible for a scholarship, but you would need a higher gpa if you weren’t an athlete. (NCSA, 2017).
iii. This isn’t the case for all schools though, just the majority of the more elite collegiate teams.
iii. Lets be honest here, there are definitely some athletes that are just too gifted and better than everybody else that are destined from when they starting playing the sport to go professional. Academics aren’t and honestly don’t need to be a vital part in that person’s success.
C. Lots of people also just don’t want the tradition of College Sports to change
i. College athletes are considered “amateur” athletes

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