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College Application

At some point in our lives, we all have one significant experience that can affect us. Whether this experience is big or small, it still happened and made its impact on you. I remember when I first pushed myself to do something that pushed me out of my comfort zone and do more during that time period. That something was to be better than my siblings and be more successful than they were. My older brother and sister were good kids, but never did what they said they were going to do after high school.

My sister had wanted to be a nursing assistant for the longest time and my brother had wanted to be a lawyer. Although my sister wasn’t the smartest in school she still passed and graduated with her class, but did not go to college. My brother on the other hand had a different path to become a lawyer, which he could have with his grades, but did not. He decided to enlist in the military and hoped to go to school afterwards. Although he had planned it all out, he didn’t follow it.

Instead a tragedy struck him while in the military and is now discharged medically and only working a part time job. Of course I don’t believe the military is a bad job at all and I believe that if things happened differently for him his life would be different now. Today he is still undecided when and where he wants to attend college. My older siblings always told me high school would be different and harder than the smaller elementary and middle schools.

I knew this but I didn’t mind because I knew that I had wanted to excel in school to do something successful afterwards. I didn’t just want to be more successful than my siblings but it made me realize that if you don’t drive yourself to work hard in school you don’t always achieve what you want to do. By pushing myself harder in school I’ve made an effect on myself that has put me in a great position throughout my years of high school. Through high school I’ve had the privilege of being able to take high honor classes and even college classes that have allowed me to be ahead of the game.

But in order to be ahead of the game I have had to study hard, do my homework and pay attention closely to the classes that I have taken. I believe within my four years of high school I have achieved so much more than my siblings all from great teachers and other role models in my life teaching me various things. Even throughout these times it has been some stressful days and weeks I still was calm and handled everything in a well-timed manner.

Therefore, I have been able to push myself one step closer to what I want to do and it has encouraged me greatly so I can see what I may do soon in the future. My risk to go out of my comfort zone and put more pressure on my shoulders has been a great deal for me. I hope that me pushing myself to do harder and better work throughout high school helps me in my later future studies and work.

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