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College Admission Essay: Dance Essay

As I walked through the doors, entering the studio, I set my bag down and took a deep breath that created a moment of relief and peace. As I took my first step onto the dance floor, I knew at that moment my life was going to change and I could just feel the passion that was soon to come. Growing up I had been categorized as the quiet and shy type, afraid to try new things and that first dance class showed how truly insecure I was. After taking a month of classes I began watching videos of dancers and it left me in complete awh. I watched the ballerinas, so graceful but strong, the jazz dancers, sassy and fierce, and the lyrical dancers, full of emotion and laid back.

There was something I realized while watching all the different dancers and what they all had in common and that was confidence. No matter the style each dancer was full of confidence and having the intention of not a care of what the audience thought, they danced for them. It was that moment that I knew what I needed to do not to just be a better dancer, but a better person as a whole. Each year I danced I grew more And more as a person, gaining more confidence. But during those six years I found many struggles that helped me shape who I am today.

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I went through always being placed in the back, never getting the lead role, and worst of all favoritism. When I look back on how much I’ve changed as a person, it’s astonishing. I’ve grown into this person who is hardworking, passionate, and outgoing but, most of all I found the confidence I myself I had been seeking all these years. To think if I had never stepped foot in that dance studio who knows of the person I would have became, probably still that shy innocent girl. Without dance I would not have became the person I am and love being.

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