College Acceptance Essay

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College Acceptance

Education is one of the most important activities that we have to go through in our life. It is the reason why the world is where it is today. All of these progresses and inventions would have never been achieved if it was not for educated people. It helped the society to make smarter and better choices. Almost all of the inventions that make our life easier today are the outcome of education. Scientists, politicians, teachers, etc. are all first educated before they go out to the real world to practice what they have learned. Universities and colleges are the places where people go seeking for higher education.

Students will do whatever they can to make sure they end up in one of these places. Unfortunately, not everybody is accepted. Every institution has its own requirements for students have to match in order to be accepted. Not long ago, minorities used to face a very challenging situation if they wanted to get into a higher education institute. These things don’t seem to be that big of a problem right now. Students get accepted to different kinds of schools depending on how good they perform during their high school year and on their SAT test scores.

The controversial issue now is whether students’ academic background should be the only factor considered in admission. Even though universities and colleges are home for knowledge and students should be accepted according to their ability to learn, other factors should also be considered to give students a second chance at a higher education institute. Academic eligibility is a major obstacle one has to meet in order to be able to attend a higher education institution. Some people have outstanding performance that allow them to attend the college of their dreams.

Others, however, may not be as smart and may lack the eligibility required to attend a college. Universities are places where students face challenging lessons and are excepted to try to the best of their ability to succeed. Those who have a better background in studying habits are more likely to succeed in school. The education we get at an early age will affect us on our journey to success. That is why universities should consider academic performance in their admission requirements. Students with satisfying SAT score and a good GPA should not be worried about getting accepted or not; They deserve it.

As long as school is a place for education, those who prove they have been committed to their lessons should be the only ones given the chance to progress in their education. One of the other reasons why academic achievement should be the only factor considered for college admission is for fair treatment and morality. If a person has done a good job through out his/her educational process in high school, he/she deserves to be accepted to their dream college. It would not be fair if he/she is turned down by his/her dream college while a careless classmate gets his acceptance letter.

It would not be fair. The student’s moral will be crushed. Not being able to make his/her dream come true after dedicating all their time on their education, will, without a doubt, leave a student hopeless. Therefore, the admission board needs to respect the concept of education and those hard working students and consider only academic eligibility. Admissions should only concentrate on how the student can reply to his/her educational challenges not on how they can run across the field.

Athletes can not perform as well as those accepted for their academic eligibility, “they also regularly finish their college carries in the bottom of their class” (editorial 371). Another reason for the necessity of the sole consideration of academic eligibility for college admission is the future. People in universities are the leaders of tomorrow. They need to have a diverse view of the world supported by their education. They should understand any issue that may come from any part of the world so that they can help solve it.

These leaders of tomorrow also need to have a good background in education starting from preschool. They need to understand the importance of education for life. In order to appreciate education, they need to know the rewards that come from it. The future leaders, are those who take school seriously. Those who take it seriously are more likely to get satisfying grades that allow them to enter a higher education institute. If we care about our future, we should consider it in all our decisions.

The college admission office should consider only academic eligibility because those who think of the future are those who get the satisfying grades and those should be rewarded the acceptance letter. On the other hand, the benefit that colleges get from the athletic students is beyond anyone‘s imagination. Especially small universities need these athletes to compete with other schools and keep their reputation. These small, highly selective liberal universities such as Harvard have a wide selection of sports, but they also need a strong team.

The problem these schools are facing is the size of the student body. The schools can not make strong teams if there is not much to choose from. Athletes make up 32% of the male student body at schools like Harvard and Williams, as opposed to only 5% at a school like the University of Michigan. (Editorial 370). If we taking look at the professional sport field, like the NBA, NFL, MLS, and others, we can see that many star players rose from universities and colleges. These pro athletes became stars by playing sports in their universities.

These colleges are the reason why we now enjoy our favorite sport every week. Students come from all over the world with great potentials. Students who enter the United States after finishing high school or on the erg of finishing high school, will have a difficult time getting into highly selective universities. America is the home for many immigrant scientists and engineers, and these high school or college students from other countries could be the next scientists or engineers. Other countries have a very difficult grading system than the U. S. A.

When the grade conversions are made in the U. S, what was the highest score in the class back home will now be nothing more than the average. This average grade wont take immigrant students to one of these best universities or colleges. Their background is the only chance they have to get accepted. Most colleges embrace diversity and try to accept people of all races. The more universities and colleges accept these type of students, the more diverse the schools can be.

They can bring a cultural diversity among students which can be used in the future to solve problems outside of the U.S. therefore, these foreigners depend on another factor other than academic eligibility to be accepted into a college. For most of our population, education is the only way out of poverty or any other problem. people put their faith on it and hope to get the best it can offer. They will do anything to go anywhere it leads them. Before they taste the fruits of education, they have to pass through tests and other obstacles. Getting to college is one of those obstacles. To get accepted into one of the finest schools is a major issue.

Students wish to enroll into a school they desire and progress in their education to help themselves, their family, and their country. In order to do this, they need to keep a satisfying score while they are in school. As students, teens have more to offer than their brain. Not one but many of them can make the institute they represent best at what these students do besides learning, benefiting themselves and their schools. Therefore, it is important for universities and colleges to take a good look at the students’ ability to learn, without forgetting but respecting what they can do when they are not in a class room.

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