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Essay on College

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Dressing For College

If you feel insecure, give your self time and take deep breath to boost yourself against the new challenges, feeling free is the main thing you need to prepare for the great first impression on the first day of college. Remember no one come to help you, in college you alone have to help yourself, so be prepared. Be social and try to discuss with others about different matters, there is nothing to ...

Sugar Bowl, the College League

Over the last 15 years, many bowling centers have updated their facilities with one of two markets in mind—families or young urbanites. Those pursuing families often create family entertainment centers, with bowling providing just one part of a larger entertainment experience. The “upscale bowling lounge” has grown in popularity since roughly 2000 in larger urban markets. These facilities ta...

Payroll system for thesis

In order to gather information, the authors usedbooks, thesis and encyclopedia. The wide spread development of digital technology also results to parallel advance in software, which allows this technology to be used by persons other than computer experts. The database has become a central organized framework for information system, taking advantage of the concept of data independence that allows s...

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Instructional Materials in Basilan State College

There are several ways that surveys can reach respondents for completion. A researcher can contact respondents by mailing the surveys to them and wait for their responses. The advantages with mail out surveys are that the researcher is able to reach participants who are scattered and cannot easily be met in person, and also that respondents have ample time to think of the answer. On the other hand...

Deed of Undertaking

I am aware of the fact that, in case, if I fail to furnish the required documents within the stipulated time I shall not be eligible for admission in the Jr. College and as such my admission shall stand automatically cancelled. That I have read the contents of the undertaking and has properly understood the same and in witness whereof had signed on this Deed of Undertaking on this day of 2014 at p...

Attendance Monitoring Using Biometrics

College and school staff will be aware that UK boarder Agency (UKBA) has introduced new regulations governing the immigration of staff and faculties to the UK, an initiative instigated by the previous prime Minister in 2004 which are closely modeled on those devised by Australia some years ago. Under the new regulations faculties will have to submit certain material when they apply for a course. ...

Changing our lives

I Have served eight years in the United States Army, away from people I had grown up with, so when I got out it was all new for me, and it made me very anti-social. So a big reason of why I wanted to go to college was so I can experience life outside of a uniform. The G.I. Bill pays for my college education, while paying my housing allowance to have security with my mortgage payment. I am hoping ...

College Debt's Effect On Young Americans

They have a degree in hand, are drowning in student loans and yet no job. After graduating, they are sent out into the world with a “negative net worth” “(Qtd in Lowrey). The opportunity to further one’s education should be made a lot easier. Any willing person who wants a higher education should be able to receive one. Money should not be an issue when wanting to learn more. Without stude...

Dramatic Personal Incident

God would not give us something we can not bear. He will never leave us nor forsake us, even to the lowest valleys in our lives. He will always be there for us. I have realized that He is the only one that I need. I do not need anybody to feel love. I just need my Lord, my God! He is all that I wanted which I should have realized from the beginning. He is my only refuge and strength in times of tr...

The College of Engineering Narrative Report

Their main products are canned goods, like corned beef, canned tuna, etc. CDO is a brand well known not only in the Philippines but also in some part of the Asia so it has a good reputation in the market. I worked within 77 days in CDO or almost 4 months in the calendar. In the said time I worked as a Property Staff. Usually I do the photocopy and encoding in SAP. I also experienced some other tas...

Vocational Guidance

This problem, however, is further aggravated by certain values developed from the colonial era when many were groomed for clerical positions and white- collar jobs. The traditional prejudice against blue-collar jobs is still firmly entrenched. The reluctance to train for blue collar jobs means an inadequate number of skilled workers and technicians. Such ingrained negative attitudes towards manual...

Filipino Сolony and College in Borneo

This way, they still could educate the Filipinos without going back to motherland. In my opinion, their focus in establishing this in Hong Kong is the grounds that this is where most of the exiled Filipinos are sent. In addition, many Filipinos visit Hong Kong in various reasons, especially those who belong to families that are well-to-do, knowing that it is near to the Philippines. Another thing ...

Autobiography Of A College Student

Good friends, competitive teachers and one wonderful family are the ones who mold me for who I am today. Everything good I have inside of me, I get from them.  I experienced lots of challenges that test my skills and personality. All those challenges and problems that I’ve been through leaves a wonderful lesson. Good days gave me happiness, bad days gave me experiences, which are both essential...

My Dorm Room

The closet is divided into two sections like most of the things in my room. The dorm room is my safe-haven from college troubles. Half of it is messy with cluttered desks and clothes thrown over the floor, but my side remains clean and organized. I enjoy staying in my room and surrounding myself with the comforts of home: my country’s flag and pictures from home. My parent’s smiling faces are ...

Balance Life: Family, Work, Studies

The difficulties of adjusting time cannot be denied however, managing ones time will solve all the difficulties. The idea of online studies has also contributed a lot in encouraging many working people who have family as well to continue their studies at their convenience time and place. Besides, going through the difficulties of attending your studies while taking care of your family and work is ...

The Importance of Internships

Internships are indeed excellent and rewarding ways to gain hands-on experience. Interns have the opportunity to meet and network with many people who will provide help and references along their career. Although internship programs may not always pay their students, today’s competitive work force demands graduates to be highly equipped for their work field. The skills and opportunities attained...

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