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Collegative properties Essay

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A detailed explanation, one paragraph or more in your own words, of the colligative property being discussed and why that property changes the way that it does when the amount of solute is increased. A detailed description, at least one paragraph, of a real-world application of the colligative property, including an explanation of how this application of the colligative property is important or useful to those affected. The real-world example must be one that was not mentioned in the lesson. An introduction and conclusion that is appropriate for the audience and for the content of the article. At least three resources (web sites, articles, etc.) that you used to write the article.

Colligative properties can be confusing, but all you really need to remember is that the more solute in a solution the lower the boiling point. The more solute in a solution, the higher the boiling point.

A colligative property of a solution or solvent varies depending on the amount of solute particles in it, though it doesn’t matter the kind of solute. The more solute the more colligative property of the solvent. Also, its boiling point changes. The more solute, the higher the boiling point. Less solute causes a lower boiling point.

Antifreeze lowers the freezing point of an H2o based solution.Antifreeze is commonly used for airplane wings, cooling systems, and defrosting things. Antifreeze can be used to achieve high boiling points and also lower boiling points. Antifreeze keeps things from boiling and freezing all at once. It keeps things around atmospheric temperature. The amount of solute decreases the boiling point. The pressure keeps the atmospheric temperature lower than the pressure with the solute. Antifreeze used in heating and cooling systems is a solution of water and ethylene glycol has a lower freezing point than pure water or pure ethylene glycol.

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Antifreeze is a good example of the colligative property, except its special because it keeps from boiling or freezing.

Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/Ce-Co/Colligative-Properties.html#ixzz2gOJ05F9U

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