Collective Essay Topics

Collective empowerment

“To find out about my life. The truth. In the end. That’s all. ” Nadine Gordimer’s 11th novel heroine, Vera Stark, takes over the hearts of literary critiques as she goes through the course of transition taking place in post-apartheid South Africa – and in herself. “None to accompany me” is yet another Nadine Gordimer… View Article

Negotiations for Managers

(1 – 50 are worth 1.2 points a piece) 1. Which is not a characteristic of a negotiation or bargaining situation? A)conflict between parties B)two or more parties involved C)an established set of rules D)a voluntary process E)None of the above is a characteristic of a negotiation. 2. Which of the following is not an… View Article

Industrial Democracy in Zimbabwe

Industrial democracy has its origins in the theories of Kurt Lewin who strongly advocated the idea that the management of change requires full participation from those affected by change (Sambureni 2001). Sambureni further defines industrial democracy as ‘a process in which employees either directly or indirectly through their representatives, share equal power over the decision-making… View Article