Collagen Essay Topics

What is collagen

Collagen is a simple protein made up of amino-acids. Amino acids are built from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. In fact collagen makes up approximately 30% of the protein within the body. As a structure Collagen is intensely strong and is a vital protein that is found all over the body: In tendons and ligaments. It… View Article

Lab report on pineapple and jello

Enzymes are very efficient catalysts for biochemical reactions. They speed up reactions by providing an alternative reaction pathway of lower activation energy. Like all catalysts, enzymes take part in the reaction – that is how they provide an alternative reaction pathway. But they do not undergo permanent changes and so remain unchanged at the end… View Article

Bone dissection

The skeletal system is made up of cartilage and bone. Both bone and cartilage are connective tissues, that is, they are composed of cells in a matrix with intracellular fibers. Just imagine connective tissue as a gelatin salad with grapes and coconut. The grapes would represent cells, the gelatin the support material for matrix, and… View Article

Anatomy and Physiology

Activity 1: Tissue Types 1-1: List the four types of tissue found in the human body and give an example of each. 1. Epithelial example: Skin 2. Connective example: Tendons 3. Muscle example: Muscles of heart 4. Nervous example: Brain Activity 2: Epithelial tissue 2-1: What are the characteristics of epithelial tissue? Polarity, Specialized contacts,… View Article