Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity Essay

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Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity

The strategies that I feel that will solve the funding needs for Phoenix Homeless Agency (PHA) the best is having volunteers, having different type of fundraisers, and accepting donations of any amount. The reason for these three is because they are a more successful way of solving the struggle the agency having. Having volunteers will allow the help of volunteered peers that are concerned and willing to help out to continue providing job counseling to qualify recipients. They will help to get the word around by doing things that the agency would want or maybe what they suggest to help out that will make the agency successful. By having many different fundraisers will set a great deed for making money to uphold a quality that the agency require by doing fundraisers the community may enjoy attending to.

Examples of some of the different fundraisers people may enjoy that I would consider are bake sales, auctions, garage sales, or even something like a kids/parent night. Successfully raising large amounts of money requires a focused, strategic effort involving careful planning and coordination. Taking donations is a common strategy to use by raising money because you appreciate whatever that is offered by anyone that will help when you are in need of help because everything helps if it is not much. Cash donations are a straightforward strategy because many will use it as a tax deduction because cash contributions can be claimed for a tax deduction up to fifty percent on their modified adjusted gross income.

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