Collaboration between Disney and Nature Conservancy

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Collaboration between Disney and Nature Conservancy

Disney is a famous international company around the world. Not only for the production of cartoon and Disneyland, but also the effort that it have made in sustainable development. Disney has made high efficiency collaboration with Nature Conservancy-a famous environmental protection organization. They have worked closely with each other for decades to create the Disney Wilderness Preserve (DWP) in central Florida (“Working with Companies”, n.d.). Their collaboration was a success (“Florida, the Disney Wilderness Preserve”, n.d.), bringing positive outcomes for both business corporation and environmental protection. The research question of our group is: How Disney achieve a highly efficient collaboration with the Nature Conservancy?

Disney is willing to devote a large number of money to the protection of environment with other organization, but it is a challenge for both Disney and other organization to achieve their target and high efficiency collaboration. As pointed out by Getha-Taylor (2012), “Trust is a foundational element for effective collaboration.” Without trust, Disney would not choose to partner with the Nature Conservancy. They need to make a same goal in collaboration. Besides, equal power is an important consideration for Disney and Nature Conservancy to start their programs. The high quality of value co-creation is based on the high integration and organization of resources as well as active mobilization and passion of partners.

In this report, literature review and conceptual Framework will be the first part. This part is designed to review the literature that related to the research question and topic. Besides, it will outline some key ideas and theories for the collaboration between Disney and other organizations. Each literature review of team members will be selected to make an integrated which are related to the research question and topic.

Then the team will draw a connection between the literature review and data coding results, to develop a preliminary conceptual framework.  Secondly, the team will make enough description for the case on Disney. In this part, the partners and partnerships for Disney will be included.  Thirdly, the methodology that used in the research will be explained. The team will provide primary data and secondary data for readers. Also, the team will analysis the data to make it clear for readers to understand the importance of those data.

Then, the team will have preliminary results for the research question. Some figures or tables will be used to describe the preliminary results. Finally, the team will make conclusions to summarize the collaboration between Disney and other organizations. Besides, the team will answer the question: How Disney achieve a highly efficient collaboration with the Nature Conservancy? The significance and implications of high efficiency collaboration between Disney and Nature Conservancy. The team will make acknowledgement on the limitation of the study-All achievements and actions of Disney are not very up-to-date, the newest resource comes from Disney’s performance summary report in 2013.

The knowledge gap of this report are scientific system to cooperate efficiently between business and NGOs, global strategies in terms of cross-sector cooperation and multi-regional and global alliance.


The collaboration between Disney and Nature Conservancy is a model for other companies to improve the efficiency in collaboration with organizations and NGOs. They have same goals and trust each other. Besides, their power are equally and Disney provides enough financial support for Nature Conservancy to build and maintain the Disney Wilderness Preserve in Florida. Those factors make the collaboration between Disney and Nature Conservancy become a high-efficiency collaboration. Disney performed efficiently in collaboration with different organizations for its strong executive force and huge spending. However, Disney has challenge in cross-cultural collaboration with other organizations. It required creativeness and multicultural background to deal with. During our research, we found a limitation. All achievements and actions of Disney are not very up-to-date; the newest resource comes from Disney’s performance summary report in 2013.

The limitation may affect the accuracy and objectivity of our result to some extent. When researching on these subthemes, one of our research gaps is multi-regional and global alliance. The wetland mitigation program in central Florida is regional, but Disney is able to do more in terms of multi-regional collaboration since there are so many things else they can do. We didn’t find so many things when it comes to how business increase efficiency when partnering with an organization that shares a different culture background The use of quantitative data analysis and qualitative data analysis are quite helpful for us to find the gap and limitations of the topic, they are efficient methods for us to analyzing the data. Disney makes more collaboration with other organizations to improve to sustainable development of itself, such as the collaboration with National 4-H Council.

They make a program called Exploring Your Environment program. It provides fun, interesting and hands-on experiences to help young people learn more about the environment around them. Through Disney’s support, “they were able to create the Connecting Urban Youth to the environment program using Exploring Your Environment, and Disney is now able to reach youth in six urban areas across the U.S. Besides, Disney have supported conservation projects for almost 20 years, invested in conservation programs in 114 countries” (Momdjian, 2014) and worked with forest communities to protect wildlife and critical forest habitats.

In the future, Disney needs to improve the capacity in communication. Communication is the basis of Disney’s alliance learning and capacity building if they want to corporate efficiently. Alliance enables cross-section corporations to increase working efficiency. Internal development of such expertise may be too costly, inefficient, and time-consuming for most companies. As a result, ally with a partner can let Disney share information or receive feedback from their partners.

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