Coliform Essay Topics

Informed Consent Form

The purpose of this research is to study the attitude of males towards police on campus. You will be asked questions which might make some people feel uncomfortable, while it may be pleasant for others. Should you wish to withdraw your participation you are free to do so at any time. The identity of participants… View Article

Appearance of colonies microorganism

VRBA |Appearance of Colonies |Microorganisms | |Red, surrounded by reddish precipitation zones, diameter1- 2 mm |Lactose-positive Enterobacteriaceae: coliform bacteria, E. coli | |Pink, pin-point colonies |Enterococci, possibly Klebsiella | |Colorless |Lactose-negative Enterobacteriaceae | CCA E. coli: dark-blue to violet colonies (Salmon-GAL and X-glucuronide reaction). Total coliforms: salmon to red colonies (Salmon-GAL reaction) and dark-blue to… View Article