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Cold Storage Supply Chain Management

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (445 words)
Categories: Management
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A well-managed cold chain reduces spoilage, retains the quality of the perishable products and guarantees a cost efficient delivery to the consumer given adequate attention for customer service. The main characteristic of the chain is that if any of the links is missing or is weak, the whole system fails. Pre-cooling facilities Refrigerated Carrier Cold Storages warehousing Packaging Information Management systems (Traceability and Tracking etc. ) The cold chain is now recognized as the sunrise sector In India and is expected to grow by 381 billion In 2015

Cold Chain Logistics is complicated and difficult to maintain.

As described by Dingy (2010), the timing, the quality of products, the temperature, the humidity and the environment are all Important to Cold Chain Logistics. The three mall features are: complexity In the whole Cold Chain Logistics process, the supplier must comply with the ‘AT’ principle. The quality of products depends on low temperature storage and the Time, Temperature, and Tolerance of the transportation.

Refer to the relationship between maintain time of cold storage and the product’s temperature.

The time and temperature of the frozen foods is very important. Because if change the original time and temperature will lead to quality decrease that it is irreversible. Therefore Refrigerator temperature control is very strict to manage. The company can use Radio Frequency Identification (RIFF) with temperature sensor for temperature control. It is easier to control from manufacture to distribution. Coordination Perishable fresh products are difficult to store due to their biological nature, therefore, in every aspect of the logistics process must be coordinated.

For example, hen the product is delivered to the cold storage warehouse, they should be put in to storage immediately because if it is not put into storage immediately. It may lead to decline of quality. So it can ensure the stable operation of the Cold Chain Logistics. High cost Cold Chain Logistics has high investment in refrigeration equipment and insulation technologies are obligatory. The cost with the warehouse and vehicles of Cold Chain Logistics is 3-5 times of the general dry products warehouse and vehicles. The investment in question involves, at its minimum, a main storage hub and a cold- outrage transportation vehicle.

Cold Chain Logistics transportation costs are also high, because electricity and oil fees are important prerequisite investment in the Cold Chain Logistics. Favorable government policies to create huge investment opportunities in the domestic and international markets 100% FED allowance for the setting up of processing plants will attract huge investments from the private players in the cold chain sector Subsidy has been enhanced to 40% in General Area and 55% in Hilly and scheduled area, to attract more entrepreneurs and private investment.

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