Cold as Ice vs. Hot as Hell Essay

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Cold as Ice vs. Hot as Hell

“Cold as Ice vs. hot as hell” is a metaphor that is applied to our daily lives. At times we are not in its control. The following metaphors described, “Cold as ice vs. hot as hell” as a characteristic or personality. Allow me to explain the differences between both of the following metaphors meanings. It is with in our nature to remain either calm or peaceful, yet at times we have the most complex mental personalities. This metaphor would be an alteration of “cold as ice vs. hot as hell of types of personalities and characteristics in them. For example: anger, temper, serenity and tranquility. The outcome of these traits would be a “cold as ice vs. hot as hell” defining two metaphors in our daily lives struggles.

“Cold as Ice” is a metaphor that is practically in people that remain calm at all times. There are those who experience depression and still remain in a calm state of mind. Imagine your daily routine, and then suddenly something catastrophic occurs, everyone becomes temperamental and violent. These individuals remain calm, focus and open minded to thoughts and opinions. This enables people to think outside of the box and undertake various mental explorations. Being aware there are no limits to our thinking process. The hypothesis result is being successful in life as long you put your mind to it in an environment surrounded of positive people. When you hear or observe positive reinforcement we tend to rationalize, resulting to be more conscious of our surroundings, allowing us to maintain a calm state of mind. “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” (Helen Keller)

A negative characteristic is someone that was raised in a different perspective in life, violence, hate and no love. Being around angry people, full of resentment are negative qualities of a pessimistic person. Is it possible this could be someone who lives by the metaphor, “hot as hell” always on a short fuse? Could this be a form of adversity to keep them from being happy with him or herself, and other people? For example those people who are going through depression, suicidal thoughts, and many ups and downs in day-to-day activities, which can be difficult. The inability to communicate with others and on a constant hot temper may think that life is not worth living. A constant frustration and pressure will not allow them to be happy. One moment they are happy and another they are on a fuse waiting to explode. Most people that are angry get caught up with an overwhelming of emotions. We are so engaged in anger our reasoning will not work. When anger is responded with anger it will only make the problem escalate. A wise man said the following “Pessimist one who, when he has the choice of two evils, chooses both.” (Oscar Wilde)

Many individuals are brought up with different perception in life. As infants we demonstrate our personality through love and always wanting attention. Through parental guidance we leave our mothers womb not knowing what is to come of our beliefs and manners. We are also informed that life is to be cherished and to not take life for granted.

Honestly we all have same level of “cold as ice vs. hot as hell”. We all have our moments of struggles to remain calm. Some may come as fighting a profound addiction of serenity. From the day that we are born till the day we pass, everyone will always have to face the struggles and in the process we encounter these metaphors. Lets all maintain peace on earth and tranquility among humanity. World peace is produced to make the world a better place to live in; this phrase must be cherished forever.


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