Cognitive Theories of Intelligence

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There are 14 major parts of the human mind. And new parts are being discovered each day. Overall, it is estimated that there are more than 42 parts and many more to discover. The Cognitive Theory concerns every part. The theory, broken down, is how the mind works. This theory helps people understand the base of psychology in general. The theory helped everybody understand psychology and is quite simple when explained properly. The person that came up with this theory spent nearly ten years of his life and left a lasting impact.

The cognitive theory is a complicated series of facts, algorithms, and statistics that have been used to clarify the concept of the human mind. The theory focuses on the adaptation of the adolescent mind and showcases the 3 stages of development. These are equilibrium, assimilation, and accommodation. Equilibrium is when two opposing thoughts in a child’s mind are at war so to speak. Equilibrium is the stage after, where the two thoughts are still prevalent, where they are equal and balanced.

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Assimilation is when the mind subconsciously picks which thought is more morally or factually correct. The final stage, accommodation, is when the processed information is solidified and retained. The environment we are raised in directly affects the impact of the three stages, as well as our general knowledge and morals. If people grow up in a negative setting, they will most likely have corrupt morals and will view things differently.

Out of all of the theories, the Cognitive one is the most simple, and the only one that concerns children in a major way.

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This theory is very detailed and has explained as to what psychology is. Thanks to this theory, the other three Theories of Intelligence have become solidified and completely legitimate. The other theories are the Psychometric Theory, Cognitive-Contextual Theories, and Biological Theories.

The 4 theories were created because people had questions that needed to be answered about why they could think and have a voice inside of their mind. This theory has been used in many other fields that aren’t just psychology related. Law enforcement officers use it to trace what criminals reactions are too simple situations., lawyers to make their case seem more validated, and people in education to teach in the most beneficial way. All of these occupations require an insight into the human mind and require the Cognitive Theory to be beneficial and effective. Altogether the Cognitive Theory has changed the world of psychology for the better. After many years of working and revisions, the theory was well worth the many years it took to develop. It will be used in many years to come and will continue growing and becoming more valid. This theory took over ten years to become reliable and fully develop. To come up with this theory took dedication and persistence. Jean Piaget had those and more. Growing up, Piaget was odd. He had an interest in and devotion to malacology, the study of mollusks. A friend of his persuaded him to join the study of psychology because psychology had well over a hundred dedicated students that had the same motivation that Piaget had while malacology, expectedly, had only a few. After a couple years of persuasion, Piaget finally caved. He finally became deeply devoted to the study of the human mind and became even more devoted than he was before. Piaget wrote many informative papers as he was in his high school career. He was thought of as bright, and charismatically charming. His work was minor at first, but recognition gave him the drive and motivation to continue and succeed through his work.

The Cognitive Theory, the most important of the four, is complex and has many levels of depth. In this paper, I have only explained the surface of this theory and the others as well. The Cognitive Theory is the base of psychology and will always help us find new and innovative ways to help society grow and prosper. Teachers rely heavily on this theory to get information to be accepted and remain in their minds. Due to this theory, we have respectable and intelligent people in places of power that can help create a better place. Children need people and ideas to look up to, and this theory is the reason for all of these.

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