Cognitive Process Culture Essay

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Cognitive Process Culture

Lamadrid takes into account the mythical or magical dimension of the novel and relates it to the emerging social consciousness of the protagonist. He asserts that Anaya elucidates that the command of Curandera is consequential in nature is derived from mythical though process and it resultant knowledge. These mythical thought processes itself are derived from resolution of the contradiction that is inherent within the culture. So he portrays power as capability to contemplate and comprehend the social processes in a dialectical way.

So myth is not something extra-human and acultural phenomenon but it is a cognitive representation of social thought process. This scholarly article facilitates readers to understand the role of Antonio in the context of mythical realism and development of his mature social consciousness at the end of the novel. People resort to Antonio at critical times because they are inherently aware that these mediators have powers that can offer remedies to their maladies. So myth helps understanding the role of Antonio in the society and how this role is established.

Mancelos, Joao de. Witchcraft, Initiation and Cultural Identity in Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima. Alfarrabio. Retreieved on 12 October 2008. Website: <<http://alfarrabio. di. uminho. pt/vercial/zips/mancelos21. rtf>> This article manifests the development of Antonio and how different elements of chicano culture i. e. witchcraft, cultural identity play a vital role in helping him achieving maturity. He considers the role of Ultima and his witchcraft prowess to help Antonio explore his cultural identity.

This article elaborates the role of his familial traditions, by his Hispanic lineage and his Catholic religion at an early stage of his life. Later he learned the tussle between Ultima and his religions but prefers Ultima and his witchcraft. All this contribute toward his maturity at the end of the novel. This article explains various developmental stages of Antonio and contribution of various factors during these periods and enables us to understand the contributories toward this development.

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