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Coffee and Starbucks Essay

Essay Topic:

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 First Starbucks opened in Seattle
 March 30, 1971
 Jerry Baldwin – English teacher
 Gordon Bowker-Writer
 Zev Seigl-History teacher

 Entrepreneur Howard Schultz
joined the company in 1982.
 Director of retail operations and
 Ideas of selling beverages.

 April, 1984 first store to sell
beverages was opened.
 Served 400 customer- over the 250
customer average at their best score.
 II Giornale Acquires Starbucks.
 Howard Schultz- Starbucks president
and CEO.

 World’s premier roaster and retailer
of specialty coffee.
 8,812 company-owned stores.
 7,812 licensed stores in more than
50 countries.

 Annual sales of about US$14.89
 Sell: Whole bean coffee, Ground
Coffee, pastries, beverages and
coffee related products.

Mission Statement
1990- October 2008
Establish Starbucks as the premier
purveyor of the finest coffee in the
world while maintaining our
uncompromising principles as we

Starbucks Digital Network, in
partnership with Yahoo!
Its vision is to provide best cup of
coffee to include providing the best
digital experience. They are now
offering music among choices from
their digital network.

Opened with Tata global beverages.
(50-50)% partners
First In Mumbai, October 19, 2012
Now 54 stores in Four cities (in 17
 CEO of TATA Starbucks is Avani
Saglani Davda.
 Starbucks also get source to coffee
beans from Kodagu (Karnataka)
 Opened with investment of US$66

Starbucks and Shared Planet is committed
to doing business responsibly. A better
way to help each other and planet.


 Leading retailer and roaster for
brand specialty coffee in the world.
 Known for providing superior
products and services.
 Number 7 on Fortune Magazine’s
“100 best companies to work for”.
 Consistent high quality of service.
 Limited no. of strong competitors.
 High market share and market

 High prices because of quality
ingredients used.
 Starbucks refuses to guarantee
that milk, beverages, chocolate,
ice cream and baked goods sold in
the company’s stores are free of
genetically- modified ingredients.
 Strong presence in U.S. more than
three quarters of its cafes located
in the domestic market.
 In order to reduce business risk,
expansion is needed.

 High growth of economy and
market in Indonesia, especially in
urban areas.
 Could diverse their product not
only in coffee.
 The potential employees are
educated peoples which make it
easier to train them.
 Strong financial support.

 Competitors and copycat could
pose potential threats.
 Sentimental issues to the bad
effect of coffee from society.
 Global financial crisis-make
people tend not to spend.
 Exposed to rises in the cost of
coffee and dairy products.


Company Financial
 Revenue: US$14.89 Billion
 Operating Income: US$325.4
 Net Income: US$8.8 Million
 Total assets: US$11.5167 Billion
 Total Equity: US$4.48 Billion

 Summary Strengths Opportunities
Threats Conclusion Weaknesses
Overpriced coffee.
 Health concerns regarding caffeine and
caloric intake.
 Main focus on expansion rather than
internal improvement.
 Total revenue of $10.7 billion in 2010.
 Starbucks has added an average of two
stores on a daily basis since 1987.

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