Code of Ethics Essay

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Code of Ethics

A code of ethics is a very important document every company, organization, or association should have. This document ensures every member, volunteer, or employee comply with certain rules and acts in an ethical manner. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy code of ethics allows therapist to work with patients in an ethically controlled environment. It also gives patients the peace of mind that they will receive quality service, if any issue occurs they have the right to report the situation.

I believe the most important part of the AAMFT code of ethics is the patient confidentiality principle. Therapy is a very personal matter and most people would not seek it otherwise. I don’t believe any part of the code is challenging. As long as you perform with professionalism it should not affect your career in any way. The AAMFT code of ethics mentions many specific principles regarding client-therapist relationships. It strictly prohibits any sexual encounters between the two parts until at least two years after the completion of therapy.

It also forbids any relationship resulting in exploitation of the client as well as the therapist. In the scenario presented, the client-therapist relationship is very professional and healthy. It also states they both get along very well. By carrying out the client’s request, the therapist is helping the client complete her last goal. Facing death in a near future, the client would feel complete and fulfilled after visiting this place that is so special and significant to her.

If a person from the client’s community (like her church or neighborhood) would take the client to complete her mission it would considered a selfless and humane act. Since the client does not have such people in her life, nor would she feel comfortable with anyone else, I believe the therapist would be doing the client well if she engaged in this voyage. What the client does in her personal time should not affect her job as long she is following the AAMFT’s code of ethics, and to my best judgment, she is following thru with the code.

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