Coconut Shell And Meat Separator Essay

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Coconut Shell And Meat Separator

The shell and coconut meat are removed manually using knife and hooks. Automation results in reduction of human effort and improves productivity of the output product. The dried coconuts are collected and they are placed in the clamping setup one by one. The loaded clamper setup moves along with the conveyor. When the clamping setup approaches the proximity sensor, the conveyor stops moving and the double acting cylinder gets actuated.

As the double acting cylinder moves down, stepper motor starts rotating so that the blade attached to it rotates piercing into the kernel and made a rotation to separate the kernel from the shell. Then the double acting cylinder retracts so that the blade moves up along with the kernel thus separating the kernel and shell. After deshelling process the clamper with empty shell starts moving in the conveyor, when top portion of conveyor becomes downwards, so that the declamping process is done by using the gravity feed mechanism. Then with empty clamper is moved and is get ready to load for the next shell.

The main components used in our project are: 1. Pneumatic Supply 2. Double Acting Cylinder 3. Blade Setup 4. Clamping Setup 5. Conveyor Setup 6. Proximity Sensor 7. Stepper Motor 8. Microcontroller 9. Relay Circuit 10. Power Supply


Coconut production plays important role in economic, social, and cultural activities here in the Philippines. All parts of coconut tree is useful, from the tree itself can be use as a lumber up to its leaves can be made as brooms. Philippines is exporting many products from coconut. Copra is one of the main products that many regions are producing.

Nowadays agricultural field faces the scarcity in workers. Time consumption is increasing because of lack of workers. Copra making involves dehusking the coconut, separating the coconut shell and the meat. The most of the above processes are performed manually. So therefore, a innovative technique is proposed by the researchers to automate the removal of the coconut meat from the shell, reducing the manual process.


At the present removing the coconut meat from its shell is done manually. Lack of skillful workers and strength makes the tedious and time consuming. The chance of accident during the manual process is always there. The said problems can be solve by automating the process.

Background of the Problem

Coconut production plays an important role in the national economy of the Philippines. Coconut production in the Philippines is generally concentrated in medium-sized farms.

Copra making is long process, it takes time to break and remove the shell manually, considering a great number of coconut. We have seen some system that can conduct this kind of process, but they are not done automatically.

Research Design

The research is limited to what does the machine can do as the researchers said above. It will remove the coconut shell and the coconut meat as the main function of the machine.

Expected Result

The researchers expect to design and fabricate a machine that will do all of the processes said above. The machine is expected to remove the shell from the coconut meat. With the aid of our proposed machine it is expected that copra making will be done in the short period of time.

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