Coca Cola Strategy Essay

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Coca Cola Strategy

Slide1: International strategy (tiêu đề của slide nhé c) The enterprise has core competencies => the competitors in the host country does not have or difficult to develop, catch up or imitate Being not under pressure to localize products and to reduce production costs Company’s head office played a central role

Slide 2: International strategy of Coca Cola (1900 to 1950)
1899-1909: added to 379 bottling plants across the United States for consumption of about 70 million liters / year. 1906: developing the first bottling plant in Havana, Cuba => marked the first step of Coca cola international market 1936: World War broke out => the bottling plant follow the army and when the war ended, coca has owned subsidiaries in 64 countries. 1950: Coca cola started advertising on TV => effects promote in worldwise Slide 3: Global Strategy

A business strategy as global market or single market
Company produce and deliver the products which are standardized and identical. Businesses build production facilities globally in locations with low cost as the basis for operational efficiency => save cost The operation of the system will be connected and coordinated through a central management official Make the business does not pay attention to the important differences between different markets => opportunity for competitors to jump in and meet the needs Slide 4: Global Strategy of Coca cola (1950 to early 2000)

Coca-cola implementing global business strategy by: producting homogeneity, uniforming marketing strategy worldwide.

In the 1970s and 1980s:
+ very diversified distribution system in both horizontal and vertical, + the bottling plants of Coca-Cola were on around the world
+ linked the retail stores to serve consumers better.
In the 1990s: find new market with the advantages of the new front to the market => Africa and Asia Slide 5: Transnatoinal strategy

Make a separate strategy for each country in which businesses consume their products. Implemented localized products and methods of marketing products to suit the tastes and preferences of each national market Slide 6: Transnatoinal strategy of Coca cola (from 2000s to now) Set up independent subsidiaries, joint ventures in different markets => carry out the research and development stage products, manufacturing and marketing products in the local market. In the early 2000s: success on a global scale with nature is a business providing consumer goods Local adaptation “Think local, act local”: strategy towards adaptation but not contrary to the traditional strategy of company-global strategy Distributed organizational structure according to geographic area, including five areas:

-North America
– Latin America.
– Europe, Asia, Europe and the Middle East borders.
– Asia
– Africa.

Slide 7: Localization strategy of Coca cola:

Localization strategy: the practice of adjusting a product’s functional properties and characteristics to accommodate the language, cultural, political and legal differences of a foreign market or country. For Coca Cola this will be done through a number of actions, first is changing their method of advertising. Ex: In India the use of celebrities would be used more than in Africa whereby football is the bigger love of the people Coca-Cola decided to change their iconic product name to something a little more consumer-friendly for Chinese market, adopted to use Chinese characters to present a truly localized version of their logo. Cuối cùng là cái clip t gửi hôm trc nhé Hải.

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