Coca Cola Case Study: Identifying and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities

1. There are several marketing opportunities mentioned throughout the case study that Coca Cola have generated over the course of their 125 year history. Please identify at least five examples and categorise them according to the type of marketing opportunities?

2. Explain why it is important for an organisation to seek out new marketing opportunities and provide an example of the benefits one of Coke’s marketing opportunities has provided the company?

3. What do we learn from the article in terms of how Coca Cola Marketing Mix generates new marketing opportunities? 4.

If you were employed by Coca Cola as Head of Innovation, what are three additional methods you would employ to generate new marketing opportunities?

5. Articulate and explain the seven key stages all idea pass through before they get taken to the market?

6. Plot where you believe the following marketing opportunities would sit on Ansoff’s Matrix:

* Vitamin Water

* Coke Zero

* Social media campaign to launch Vitamin Water

7. We have discussed the importance of protecting the existing customer base when seeking out new marketing opportunities.

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Discuss why this is important and provide an example within the case study that highlights its importance. 8. Given the information provided in the case study and some of the idea generation techniques we have looked at in class, identify two new marketing opportunities you believe you would offer a strong return to the Coca-Cola Brand. Explain each opportunity and your rationale as to why you believe each worthy of conducting a feasibility study.

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