Coca Cola can Save the Day

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In this advertisement, it shows two brothers, one older and one younger. It seems the older brother loves to pick on his younger one by smacking his hair and purposely causing a scene.. Furthermore, the ad portrays the older brother as fit and adventurous, and the younger one as skinny and helpless. Even when it started to rain instead of sharing the only umbrella they had, the older one decides to use it alone. Then one day the younger brother is sitting on a bench at the park enjoying a glass bottle of Coca Cola, when a group of bullies about his age approach him.

They actually take his bottle of Coke as they start to pick on him. While this is going on, the older brother is standing not too far and watches the scene. Before the bullies step in, the older brother steps in front of his younger brother and scares off the bullies. He then takes the coke and almost drinks it himself, but feels pity on his brother.

So he gives the drink back and they share a brotherly bond, but not without making him unsurprisingly spill a little on his face before he leaves. The article “Childhood Obesity: A Global Public Health Crisis”, written by Sameera Karnik and Amar Kanekar, explains how discrimination stigma affects the children’s self-esteem, depression, emotional well-being from a young age whether you are obese or thin. This scholarly articles relates to the younger brothers self esteem which was affected by bullies around him like that group of kids and sometimes even his older brother.

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Pathos was used in this advertisement, since it may use any sort of language for readers to have an emotional reaction. Non-verbal language communication was used in this Coca Cola ad, and the most emotional part was when the older brother being portrayed as a bully defends his younger brother from actual bullies. Love and hate relationships arise in most families between siblings, parents, or relatives but deep down they will always be the one there for you. Many siblings may feel some sort of emotional connection because they can bother their siblings but if any one else dare does that then they will not allow it. Additionally, many younger brothers and sisters feel that they are neglected by their older siblings, and even their parents which is when Karnik and Kanekars article ties in. Older siblings frequently take the opportunity to harass, but they rarely take the opportunity to stand up for their younger sibling, and that is why this commercial made such a big impact on so many people.

Exemplification can also be suggestions of what the reader can do, since the older brother was there for his younger brother; Coke wants you to know that they will be there for you too. They are an example of family, and when you need anyone, there will be one waiting for you. Coca-Cola chose this relationship to portray that this product means more than just being on a shelf or fridge. They want to prove that they are always there for you, and that through this drink, relationships can heal and families be brought together. Which is when Coca Cola, the drink that brings families and friends (despite their age) together whether it be night or day comes in hand.

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