Coca Cola and Pepsi Essay

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Coca Cola and Pepsi

Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola has been in the cola wars for centuries now. They had strategies to stay in the business competitively; both companies did their best to stay up by making contracts with celebrities, making banners and posters, TV commercials. Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola has the same core benefit for their products, which is to quench the thirst of their consumers as well as selling a non-alcoholic soft drink. Core benefit is the fundamental need or want that consumers satisfy by consuming the product or service. The Coca Cola products are constantly produced in a red background with Coca Cola writing. Conversely, Pepsi products are packaged with their blue writing. Brand knowledge is important for the health of the company. The Coca Cola brand was worth $79 billion in the year 2013 in comparison to Pepsi Cola brand, which was only $17 million worth. A consumer from a different country can identify a Coca Cola product, even though it’s in a foreign language and they may still recognize the product immediately.

Coca Cola is much more widely available than Pepsi. Coca Cola creates a sort of convenience for consumers for being widely available thus getting the loyalty of the consumers. There is a higher demand for Coca Cola than Pepsi thus restaurants are more favorable towards Coca Cola. For example, McDonalds is providing Coca Cola, but KFC and Hardees provide Pepsi. Pepsi has always had the younger generation in mind. Their advertising and marketing strategies are fixed to target teens aged 14 or even younger with a fun and most often interlaced with music. This is evident over the years as Pepsi had musical celebrities like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and now Beyonce.

Coca Cola also targets diversifying their audience and taking geographical aspects in high consideration as they target the world filled with different cultures. The ingredients of these products also can be differentiated as Pepsi has slightly more sugar, caffeine and calories while Coca Cola has slightly more sodium. Coca Cola is a much fizzier drink due to its high percentage of carbonation in comparison to Pepsi. In Kazakhstani market Coca Cola is preferred more than Pepsi. As it was already mentioned, everyone can find Coca Cola everywhere, even far from populated cities. Also, Coca Cola is open to present the process of its creation.

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