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Coca-cola: a culture or an addiction Essay

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In 2014, Coca-Cola comes with a whole new theme for the official Super Bowl commercial. Entitled “Its Beautiful” and using “America is Beautiful” as the background music with people from different race, skin color and culture singing along while the drink making appearance in most of the scenes of American’s lifestyles activities like pool party and playing roller blades. In a way, this commercial carries a message that America is a free country, lived by people that migrated from many parts of the world and each of them deserve to be happy and free.

Coke symbolizes itself as a part of the happiness and freedom. So basically, the Super Bowl commercial is just highlighting what people sees in Coke and how people from all walks of life take it in their life. The irony part comes in when this advertisement receives an enormous amount of critics. People feel that the one-minute commercial is diverting people according to their races and ethnicities when America’s freedom song was sung in seven different languages in the commercial.

Since English has always been the official primary language of America, singing in other language sound offensive to some people. The critics state that the immigrants should speak the primary language of this land since they choose to be a part of it and live with its culture. Furthermore, there is one scene where a gay couple with their daughter having a good time together. This has triggered another debate about the acceptance of same sex relationship in this country. Despite all the critics and complains and how people claim that they will stop buying this product, Coca-Cola’s sale has not been affected not even a bit. This has proved the strong impact that this product’s has on its customers.

For the past 12 decades, Coca-Cola has been a phenomenon that spread to every inch of the world within a short time. Never crossed to any human mind for the last 120 years that the invention of this drink will open a whole new chapter not just for the liquid market but also for the world culture. Even some may conclude that it is an addiction; it is undeniable that drinking Coke has already become a part of human norm today. To decide whether Coke is a culture or an addiction, there are few ideas that we can look into which are lifestyle’s symbolism, addictive property, worldwide achievements, financial status of the Coca-Cola company and the other rivalries.

Seen as one of the lifestyle’s symbol, Coke creates its own path to be a part of the culture. “Coke’s just always seemed right. I mean Coke is like Christmas. What would life be like without Christmas?” (Sheena Iyengar, p. 161). The quote itself is enough to express how Coca-Cola holds a special place in the people’s hearts. What does Coca-Cola actually have until it managed to become a symbol of lifestyles? The answer is on the product itself. Holding a can of Coke or even a bottle of it, the first thing that comes in mind about this drink is definitely the red label that comes with it. The combination of red label and the white italic writing is like expressing sensations and joy that comes from the drink. We might not realize this, but the impacts brought by this small detail are actually huge.

This red color also reminds Americans and people from all over the world of their favorite holiday season, which is Christmas. Coke is the symbol of holiday and happiness. Plus, the advertisements about Coke give a strong impact throughout the world. With the themes that come from all walks of life, this makes people feels more familiar with this drink. All the advertisements become the main key for the popularity of this drink. The very own specialization and characteristics that Coca-Cola has are the reasons why people will take it as a symbol of lifestyle. Comment by Brutus Buckeye: Gr. Also, you need additional citations throughout this paragraph in order to support your claims.

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