Co-Education is Better than Single-Sex Schools

In many countries, parents are able to choose to send their children to co educational schools or single sex schools. Some people believe that children who go to single sex have disadvantages in life. I completely agree with this point. In this essay I will discuss the negative impact on students who graduate from single sex schools.

For the first reason, single sex schools separate boys and girls to provide less distractions in the school community but when they grow up and get a job, they cannot work with the opposite sex.

This is because they did not learn to co-operate with the other sex when they were young. According to research of Harvard University, eighty percent of the students went to coed high schools. They said that they were taught how to co-operate with the opposite sex by doing group projects with them; they learnt more about each other too. Therefore coed schools can help produce co-operation between boys and girls.

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Many parents choose to send their students to single sex schools to avoid cases such as teenage pregnancy, sexism, same sex marriage and early marriage but sending kids to single sex school does not reduce the risk of these cases. It extends it to the future because when the children from single sex schools graduate, they either become over excited leading to early marriage or freak out seeing the other gender will lead to sexism and same sex marriage. Therefore co-ed schools prepare their students for the future.

In conclusion, I believe that studying in a single sex school does not prepare students for the real world.

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Children from these schools face a lot of problems in life compared to their counterparts in co-ed schools. Thus co-ed is better.

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