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CNS as a Brand and Its Marketing

How successful do you feel CNS has been in trying to put their product in each of the markets it has entered? How does this success relate to brand equity

I think they did pretty good where they put the product in each market. I think the main reason is the research team of this product are very generous. They knew that the majority of USA people are suffering from running nose, snoring that make they have a bad night. So they lunched this product, and the result is brilliant.

From what I have seen the advertisement, I can feel that this product is really effective. Also in the same time they use famous people, good product advertising, and many guarantee of the customer that used this product before. I think this factors make this factors make the product stand in the right place of the market.

As a BRAND, how powerful is CNS’s brand image

As a brand, I will say Breathe Right nasal strips have a strong brand name and use patent-protected technology, so there are real barriers for the competitive to challenge with them.

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. Also they use famous athlete wear the strips and stating claims on how it stops snoring. I think this image of this company is very powerful, because this image can convince the consumer belief and trusted of the product.

Describe how the cultural factors would influence CNS’s marketing approach toward entering New Zealand? What similarities exist in other markets where CNS already has a presence that could be duplicated in this market

I think cultural factor is another the main reson that drive CNS succeed the goal.

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They are very careful with the culture factor of each country that they try to expand the market. For example, the color of the packaging. From the video shows that they really did a good research about the culture factor. USA will love the dark color packaging because it can mean the night time, make they feel comfortable when they sleep. But different from European countries, the Europeans they have negative feeling with the dark color packaging. The another reason that CNS are very successful company is to challenge the other people or the other country to use their product. This shows that everyone can use their product, not only people who suffering with the snoring or the running nose. It help everyone go to bed easily.

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