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Cloud Computing Essay Examples

Essay on Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing and web 2.0

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (January 01, 2013). Ensuring the Global Participation in the Internet Economy for Development.Richardson, Helen, & Hope, Beverley. (2003). The Role of Information Systems and Technology in Case Management: a case study in health and welfare insurance. (Australasian Journal of Information Systems; Vol 10, No 2 (2003).) Australasian Associa...

10 Cloud Computing Companies To Watch. CA Technologies

For an organization to attract more clients and be able to provide extensive services, it ought to have a clear ad defined strategy. This is achieved through the use of a project portfolio management (PPM) system. This system assists companies in effectively planning and investing in the right projects. If the companies use an excellent and superior PPM system, it would have an upper hand advantag...

Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud


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Benefit of cloud computing and example

In this case Zynga is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to solve by release their new games to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This helps Zynga to increase their efficiency and can save the money in the long run. Secondly, it can solve the problem about capacity of advertising; to launch a coupon promotion. Example from this case study, Outback steakhouse wasn’t sure how popular an upcoming coupo...

Case Study Datavast Inc.

However, after knowing the needs of larger companies, Hao can figure out how to get the product to the company that needs the product. He can them compete with other SI’s companies looking to advertise his product and looking into trying to make the name of the company known to other consumers. But is all a matter of time. Selling the Data Security Box to larger companies with bring Datavast bet...

Cloud computing

5. Could a company run its entire business using Salesforce.com and App Exchange? Explain your answer. A company could run its entire business using the combination of Salesforce.com and App Exchange. Salesforce.com supports applications or add-ons that are capable of the following functions: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance and Administration, Human Resources. The latter functions are the...

Swot Analysis for Salesforce.com

These weak economic conditions are resulting in the reduction of client’s software and IT budgets, bankruptcies, which could diminish the demand for Salesforce. com's services. Economic slowdown could impact the company’s operations in future. Privacy Concerns The increasing privacy concerns may reduce the effectiveness of the company’s solutions. Privacy concerns may cause customer’s to r...

Computing &Social Networking in Air Asia

As for moving towards green computing, it will be a best idea for AA to synchronise its self-check in system with a standard processing system known as Common Use Passenger Processing (CUSS) which will be shared with many airlines. Besides adding more revenue to the company, use of this system will also show the efficiency of the company and its commitment in protecting our planet. AA also should ...

Cloud Computing Unit 2 Lab 1

The Hybrid (public) cloud is it combines public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated bare metal computing and makes them work as one to: Fit your application, instead of forcing your application to fit it. Boost performance, security, and reliability while reducing costs because you use the right tool for the right job. It delivers an OpenStack-based platform for the flexibility you demand. Rackspa...

Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

This would increase the cost somewhat, but it also allows for you to have insurance that your data would not be lost. The third and final major issue with cloud computing is privacy. The maid way to implet pricacy is for the host system to be in proper working order, and to have regulations maintaining that it is ethical. Overall, cloud computing is a revolutionary ability that can change the ways...

Cloud Computing

References 1. Cantu , A. (2011, 20 12). The history and future of cloud computing. Retrieved from http://www. forbes. com/sites/dell/2011/12/20/the-history-and-future-of-cloud-computing/ 2. Britton, M. (2011). Cloud computing - the past, present and the future. (pp. 18-29). New York: Autumn Guild. 3. Holden, T. (2012). What is cloud computing? (pp. 45-99). London: Oxford University Press. 4. Kimme...

Trends In Computer Hardware And Software Platforms Information Technology

Technology is good because it simplify your work environment. Technology makes tasks easier, quicker, more efficient, and better. On the other hand, technology can make people lazier, products are made more cheaply which can be good for companies, but bad for consumers, and technology can have adverse effects on a person’s health and safety. Example of person health it might be eyes problems or ...

assgmnt 6 cloud computing

NAME SANA ZUBAIRASSIGNMENT 5SUBMITTED TOLECTURER MAM AFSHEEN JALILREG NO 1325 BBA ITM 034COURSE TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESSSUBMITTED ON 24-02-2019HOW BUSINESS IS OPERATING BEFORE AND AFTER CLOUD COMPUTINGCloud computing is internet based computing where resources , software and information is shared to computers and also on other devices on demand. Like if we are running a company of 1000 employees th...

three factor to be consider in selecting right cloud provider

The first key factor is performance and versatility. Most of the businesses will put performance and versatility as the top factor of cloud provider selection. This is because performance is a big concern for the healthcare and educational institution. So, CPUs accelerators and high RAM are needed for achieve high performance as is high-speed networking with faster connections to the cloud and bet...


The objective of this term paper is to understand Cloud Computing technology within the duration of 45 days. This paper contains studies as to what led Cloud Computing to be such an emerging and important technology, as it has become today. What's it about cloud computing that makes the researchers estimate it to replace most of the user electronics model? Why is it becoming India's new-fangled bu...

journal paper

ABSTRACT In the past decade, mobile devices and applications have experienced an explosive growth, and users are expecting higher data rates and better quality services every year. In this project, we propose several ideas to increase the functionality and capacity of wireless networks using software -defined networking (SDN) and cloud computing technologies. Connections between users and services...

Business Continuity Management of SMEs Cloud as a Service ByZWAKAMI BARDE JUNIOR

Business Continuity Management of SMEs: Cloud as a Service. ByZWAKAMI BARDE JUNIOR A00022056COURSE TITLE/CODE: Disaster Recovery and PlanningInstructorProf ChidiAmerican University of Nigeria " YolaSchool of IT & Computing April 2019Business Continuity Management of SMEs: Cloud as a serviceAbstractSmall and Medium Enterprises are very much crucial to the economic strength of a Nation. Therefore, t...

Cloud Computing and ImportanceKranthi GovindaramUniversity of the Cumberlandsѓ1I'm currently working as a

Cloud Computing and ImportanceKranthi GovindaramUniversity of the Cumberlands1I'm currently working as a Network Engineer having experience of 4 years now, the cloud engineer is responsible for all technical responsibilities associated with cloud computing. Companies that want to hire a cloud engineer look for someone with three to five years of cloud services experience. The engineer should be ve...

Cloud computing is a term used to describe a paradigm for delivery

Cloud computing is a term used to describe a paradigm for delivery of computing services to users on a pay-as-you-go basis. In this paradigm, users utilize the Internet and remote data centres to run applications and store data.[1].The cloud technology allows more efficient computing by removing most of the upfront costs of setting up an IT infrastructure. It allows organizations to expand or redu...

Cloud Security Threats ClassificationThree cloud service models SaaS PaaS and IaaS not

Cloud Security Threats ClassificationThree cloud service models (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) not just give various kinds of services to end clients yet in addition reveal data security issues and risks of cloud computing frameworks. To start with, the programmers may abuse the mighty computing capability given by clouds by leading illicit activities. IaaS is situated in the base layer, which legitimately...

Disaster recovery is protection of organization's missioncritical functions at the wake of

Disaster recovery is protection of organization's mission-critical functions at the wake of a disaster. Disaster recovery is part of business continuity procedure with emphasis on keeping the business running when disaster occursIT services are vital to success in businesses so, disaster recovery is the most important part of business continuity process.Disaster recovery mainly focuses on IT syste...

Technologies and Security in Cloud Computing

There are some important methods that can overcome AAC security challenges. For example, multi-factor authentication can avoid attackers from breaching a website. Next, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or firewalls can be implemented on di?erent network and cloud layers to enable access control in cloud computing. Lastly, employing third-party identity management solutions also can prevent data se...

Website Migration

There are a few other disadvantages of cloud computing. First websites will suffer some downtime if the connections between servers are working properly. It's still not widely used and not easy for all companies to create an internal cloud-computing system so they will more likely have to rely on an outside service. Also, in most cases you will have to rely on a third party to handle the security ...


6. CONCLUSION: The research paper explains the technical aspect of how the payment can be securely proceeded between two individuals without the need of a middle man or a bank. Escrow mechanism can aid in the smart contracts to ensure greater trust. Moreover, the distributed system of block chain can be used to implement inventory system, digital identity with hash, digital voting and so much more...

The Cloud Computing

The business remains continue but it has to invest more and deal with clients in a very complex and time-consuming old manner. The employees of the company can communicate with each other but only one person can talk with one person at a time. There is no facility of group remain if cloud systems are downed. You have to announce a message everyone separately. With this type of communication, you h...

An Analysis of Security issues on cloud computing

Confidentiality ensures the information is not disclosed to unconstitutional persons. Confidentiality failure occurs when data can be viewed or understand writing by any persons who are unconstitutional to right to use it. Loss of confidentiality can happen actually or by machine. material confidential failure takes place all the way through communal engineering. Electronic confidentiality failure...

The concept of Industry 4.0

4. Ili?, Dejan, Markovi?, Branko, and Ivannikov, Nikolaj. Uticaj novih tehnologija na transformaciju strategijskog menad?menta - Impact of new technologies on transformation strategic management. Zbornik radova nacionalnog nau?nog skupa ,,Savremeni problemi strategije i strategijskog menad?menta'', Fakultet za strate?ki i operativni menad?ment i Fakultet za poslovne studije i pravo, Univerzi...

NAPA eCommerce Platform Project Plan

ConclusionThe transformation that would enable NAPA Online to be a leader in e-commerce will be essential in defining the future of the company. In the current business environment, e-commerce is absolutely necessary to reach the changing consumer. Many consumers prefer to shop online and our business must adapt to those changes. By providing a cloud-native platform for the NAPA online application...

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Chatbots are great. But, not only are they fun to use but they are a real game changer for the customer support industry. Think about how much time, nerves and human labour could be spared by using chatbots as the first instance when customers want to contact you Basically, there are two type of chatbots - one is AI based and one is fixed approach. The Fixed based chatbots are not offering good am...

Innovations and Cloud Computing

The delimitation of this study is that, it will only be beneficial to the members of PSITE Region 3 for they can gain access to the exclusive features of the website such as Membership; therefore, excluding all other region members. Also, to implement this system to the website of PSITE Region 3, it is limited and as of now impractical since its part of the delimitation of the research. The resear...

MajorityMiddle of the Road of SDN and cloud environment

Correctness concerns achieved through attention to strict process controls, design and code quality initiatives, extensive testing, and rigorous verification processes will increase in relevance as SDN deployment carries critical infrastructure traffic supporting essential services. Such attention, when combined with the security advantages listed above for SDN, should result in a future virtual t...

Administration and Management of systems and networkServer

Confidentiality alludes to shielding data from being gotten to by unapproved parties. As such, just the individuals who are approved to do so can access touchy information. Envision your bank records. You ought to have the option to get to them, obviously, and representatives at the bank who are helping you with an exchange ought to have the option to get to them, yet nobody else should. An inabil...

week 6

A few of the benefits from cloud computing for huge organizations incorporate, cutting costs bigger companies require heavy-duty servers that are able of dealing with a expansive number of individuals and cloud is an perfect arrangement. Where companies have been inclined to turn to virtualization as a arrangement this has turned out be an costly move, as they require a parcel of assets and time. ...

Internet of things_updated

With merging caused by connected machines and sensible mobile devices, there is an increasing demand for network infrastructure to support these data problems of restricted network capability has prompted several international operators to develop initiatives. A pervasive top quality network infrastructure are going to be required to support the fast development and preparation of IOT applications...

The ToolGym


Mobile Computing for E-Commerce

In this paper, we conclude e-commerce, m-commerce, u-commerce are mobile computing application models based on cloud computing mass data storage, high space networks, as well they too share allocations within all types of resources. All mobile applications open up a new space for developing a smooth e-commerce computing. In early-stage itself, they explore application data of e-commerce. Cloud net...


CONCLUSIONIn this paper, we conclude that e-commerce, m-commerce, u-commerce are mobile computing application models based on cloud computing as a mass data storage, high space computing, as well they used to share ideal mode allocation within all types of resources. All creation in mobile applications will open up a new space for developing smooth e-commerce computing. It is early-stage for explo...

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