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Cloud computing and web 2.0

Cloud computing refers to technological computing that depend on sharing of computing resources as opposed to having organizational devices or local servers to take care of the applications in the organization. The word cloud is metaphoric to the internet. In a nutshell, the phrase cloud computing refers to computing based on the internet where dissimilar servers applications and storage are delivered to the computers and devices of the organization. How Organizations use Cloud Computing Today, businesses use cloud computing to…...

10 Cloud Computing Companies To Watch. CA Technologies

CA Technologies formerly known as CA, Inc is one of the largest and leading software enterprises in the world and it is headquartered at New York, USA. It is responsible for the creation of software that gives many companies an upper hand in the current application economy. CA software is designed to help companies and industries acquire productivity and growth through extensive and top notch CA software and solutions. History of the company The company was founded in 1976 by…...

Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud

Cloud Computing Introduction Question One             Cloud is the datacenter software and hardware that enable provision of services as a software. It is what makes delivery of service over the internet possible a success and hence the name cloud computing(Armbrust, 2009).             Public cloud is a situation where the cloud made available to the general public in a pay-as-you-go method.             On the other hand,…...

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Benefit of cloud computing and example

Cloud computing provides many different business benefits to business that choose to use to the services. First benefit that the cloud computing offers is the ability to afford the service, cloud computing is very financially affordable for business. Using the service of cloud computing, business is able to save money, able to avoid taxing-in-house systems unnecessarily. Refer to the example from this case, Amazon, cloud computing is the biggest payer, only charges business charges businesses for what they use. Cloud…...

Case Study Datavast Inc.

Executive Summary Winston Hao, the owner of Datavast Inc., is operating at a loss and needs to find out a way to be profitable this year. Datavast Inc. sells Data Security Boxes to big and small companies in China who are new to the concept of cloud storage. Winston Hao needs to dial in his target market, but the real issue is not enough sales. Hao is certain to segment to try to emphasis deep in order for him to…...

Swot Analysis for Salesforce.com

Salesforce. com is a provider of application services, which allow organizations to share customer information on demand. The company reported healthy customer additions during recent years, which enhances its top line growth and market position. However, the intense competition in the industry may affect the operating performance and profitability of the company. Strengths| Weaknesses| Healthy customer additionsSignificant market positionFocus on research and development| High dependence on the Americas| Opportunities| Threats| Growing demand for cloud servicesBusiness expansionIncreasing presence in Asia PacificPositive…...

Computing &Social Networking in Air Asia

We are pleased to present you this exciting report on strategies to implement Green Computing & Social Networking in AA. This report was prepared in accordance to provide AA the importance to implement Green Computing and Social Networking as a communication tools to embark on. Our reports include details on the strategy and methods to apply those activities. Based on this report, we have included a few recommendations to AA in our Conclusion section. Please do contact us if you…...

Cloud Computing Unit 2 Lab 1

If comparing the cloud solutions and services for businesses from Amazon, Google, and Rackspace. Amazon: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Amazon EC2 is simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Amazon…...

Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

Cloud computing is able to offer a distinct advantage to companies willing to move into this growing arena. This is not without its drawbacks. Even in the definition of Cloud Computing by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, (NIST) clear advantages exist. The definition includes the following terms: on demand self-service, ubiquitous network access, location independent resource pooling, rapid elasticity and measured service. Cloud Computing: Advantages On demand self-service is a hugely important aspect of cloud computing. It allows…...

Cloud Computing Technology and History

Cloud Computing technology is primarily utilized in the following three manners; Software as A Service (SAAS), Platform as A Service (PAAS), Infrastructure as A Service (IAAS). The preceding three methods of utilization are unique in terms of the benefits organizations accrue through implementing the technology within their organization structure and in terms of the flexibility a user obtains. Software as a service allows users to access existing online applications for free or on a subscription basis while Platform as a…...

Trends In Computer Hardware And Software Platforms Information Technology

Managing information is a planned system of the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of data in the form of information needed to carry out the management functions. Information system has got three activities produce information organizations needed these are:- Input: Captures raw data from organization or external environment Processing: Converts raw data into meaningful form Output: Transfers processed information to people or activities that use it The paper is dealing about the trend of IT technology and how does it…...

Technologies that can be used in Telemedicine

Abstract Telemedicine, synonymous with electronic Health, is a health-care delivery concept that enables distant patients especially in rural areas to be examined by the physicians using telecommunications technologies. In low resource settings, the majority of population dwells in rural areas that represent the largest patient base of variety of health issues such as access to basic healthcare, doctors, and treatment and telemedicine using different technologies is proving extremely viable and feasible solution reaching out to rural population and bridging disparity…...

assgmnt 6 cloud computing

NAME SANA ZUBAIRASSIGNMENT 5SUBMITTED TOLECTURER MAM AFSHEEN JALILREG NO 1325 BBA ITM 034COURSE TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESSSUBMITTED ON 24-02-2019HOW BUSINESS IS OPERATING BEFORE AND AFTER CLOUD COMPUTINGCloud computing is internet based computing where resources , software and information is shared to computers and also on other devices on demand. Like if we are running a company of 1000 employees the data and resources and software they use for any purpose of business like recording transactions etc so large amount of data…...

Key Factors of Data Backup by Yeahhost Company

The first key factor is performance and versatility. Most of the businesses will put performance and versatility as the top factor of cloud provider selection. This is because performance is a big concern for the healthcare and educational institution. So, CPUs accelerators and high RAM are needed for achieve high performance as is high-speed networking with faster connections to the cloud and between cloud instances. As well as the high performance of storage are also required for handle high-bandwidth and…...

Cloud Computing Technology in 45 Days

The objective of this term paper is to understand Cloud Computing technology within the duration of 45 days. This paper contains studies as to what led Cloud Computing to be such an emerging and important technology, as it has become today. What's it about cloud computing that makes the researchers estimate it to replace most of the user electronics model? Why is it becoming India's new-fangled business and how is it supposed to enter various Healthcare and Industrial field? Cloud…...

Mobile Devices and Wireless Network

ABSTRACT In the past decade, mobile devices and applications have experienced an explosive growth, and users are expecting higher data rates and better quality services every year. In this project, we propose several ideas to increase the functionality and capacity of wireless networks using software -defined networking (SDN) and cloud computing technologies. Connections between users and services in networks typically have to pass through a required set of middle boxes. Where, they send the data files from the users to…...

Web Architecture and Cloud Computing

Introduction I have applied for a job as a web designer within the MIS department of college sir gar, and I have been shortlisted for an interview. Prior to the interview, I have been asked to produce a series of short reports based of several web related issues, and I have to submit them before the interview takes place.This will help the interview panel prepare suitable questions to ask me and help them decide who they should employ, partially based…...

Business Continuity Management of SMEs Cloud as a Service ByZWAKAMI BARDE JUNIOR

Business Continuity Management of SMEs: Cloud as a Service. ByZWAKAMI BARDE JUNIOR A00022056COURSE TITLE/CODE: Disaster Recovery and PlanningInstructorProf ChidiAmerican University of Nigeria " YolaSchool of IT & Computing April 2019Business Continuity Management of SMEs: Cloud as a serviceAbstractSmall and Medium Enterprises are very much crucial to the economic strength of a Nation. Therefore, there is a need to ensure these SMEs strive to attain sustainability in their operations, because they work under uncertainties and hostile environment. SMEs tends to lack…...

Cloud Computing and Its Importance

I'm currently working as a Network Engineer having experience of 4 years now, the cloud engineer is responsible for all technical responsibilities associated with cloud computing. Companies that want to hire a cloud engineer look for someone with three to five years of cloud services experience. The engineer should be versed in areas such as open source technology, scripting languages, multi-cloud environments, system engineering and software development. This cloud computing job role is responsible for the design, planning and management…...

Cloud computing is a term used to describe a paradigm for delivery

Cloud computing is a term used to describe a paradigm for delivery of computing services to users on a pay-as-you-go basis. In this paradigm, users utilize the Internet and remote data centres to run applications and store data.[1].The cloud technology allows more efficient computing by removing most of the upfront costs of setting up an IT infrastructure. It allows organizations to expand or reduce their computing facilities[1].Cloud computing delivers infrastructure, platform, and software that are made available as subscription-based services…...

Cloud Security Threats ClassificationThree cloud service models SaaS PaaS and IaaS not

Cloud Security Threats ClassificationThree cloud service models (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) not just give various kinds of services to end clients yet in addition reveal data security issues and risks of cloud computing frameworks. To start with, the programmers may abuse the mighty computing capability given by clouds by leading illicit activities. IaaS is situated in the base layer, which legitimately gives the most dominant functionality of a whole cloud. It boosts extensibility for clients to modify a "sensible" environment…...

Disaster recovery is protection of organization's missioncritical functions at the wake of

Disaster recovery is protection of organization's mission-critical functions at the wake of a disaster. Disaster recovery is part of business continuity procedure with emphasis on keeping the business running when disaster occursIT services are vital to success in businesses so, disaster recovery is the most important part of business continuity process.Disaster recovery mainly focuses on IT systems and services that support key business functions.Businesses rely on data and applications for normal operation and when access to applications and data are…...

Technologies and Security in Cloud Computing

Introduction One of the key technologies in cloud computing is data. Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as Microsoft Azure, Google, Dropbox and Amazon deal with a lot of data. It is not like the data in computers drives which contains mostly 2 terabytes but these CSP can handle up to petabytes of data especially when Big Data becomes a trend in this era. So, of course, one of the cloud computing services is to store data. Based on Data Security…...

Website Migration

Website migration is the transfer or a website from one hosting network to another. This requires the careful transfer of all essential files from one host to the next. The reasons some might want to transfer to a different hosting network may include dissatisfaction with what the original hosting network has to offer (memory space, bandwidth, security, features, downtime, etc.). In cases of transferring a website from an external host to an internal host, the webmasters might want to have…...

Research of the Block Chain Technology

INTRODUCTION The sole purpose of this paper is to give a detailed and enhanced elaboration of the previously written papers. Furthermore, show the interest in the research of block chain and its implication while also providing its technical aspects.  Research design and methodology paper has narrowed down the specific questions, aims of the research paper and helped to design a blue print for this paper. The paper will give readers the knowledge to analyze its outcomes, analyze its data and…...

The Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one of the most popular demanding availabilities of computer system resources to store the data and increase the computing power without directly involve user's management. It is basically a center point on internet where many users can use the same data individually on their systems. What is a Cloud? (2015). Today cloud computing is on its peak. Many multinational companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon etc. using this service to increase its businesses all over the world. It…...

An Analysis of Security issues on cloud computing

Cloud computing is pools of virtualized resources that are easily usable. Now a days people are accustomed to store their personal data in cloud. Cloud computing store, Manage and process data which is hosted on the internet using Servers. In the earlier days, security concerns deter many organizations from using cloud computing services. Cloud computing presents another level of risk because essential Services are often outsourced to a third party vendor ,which makes it harder to uphold data Security and…...

The concept of Industry 4.0

Abstract It is evident that in the concept of Industry 4.0 the pace and intensity of the development of new technologies are increasing. The impact of the transformation of new technologies is not only increasing in the field of strategic management, but also in all other spheres of modern business. Through that impact on creating unprecedented consumer habits and needs, or through the creation of brand new market segments, the need to change the strategic paradigm is created so the…...

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Chatbot for Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service Project Proposal - Introduction For our group project, we would like to build a chatbot for the website of Northeastern University Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service. The goal is to facilitate higher levels of interaction with the center via an online chatbot that is capable of responding to basic questions posed by curious students, facility and community members. By increasing the ability to communicate with the center we will hopefully encourage…...

NAPA eCommerce Platform Project Plan

Ecommerce has become an integral piece of the business development process of nearly every company. The significance and value of e-commerce cannot be overstated. Specifically, many companies can directly see the benefits of e-commerce growth in supply chains. An online e-procurement model would simplify and improve processes such as ordering, order processing, order accuracy, access to lower prices of materials, etc, (Gibson et. al, 2004). Clear consumer opinion has formed around eCommerce that has allowed it to become one of…...

Innovations and Cloud Computing

The internet has become an integral part in one's life by bringing so much benefits to and improves the efficiency in education, medicine, transportation, entertainment and more. Living in the digital world, a website is now a necessity. The website literally can be the life and death of a company in today's world (Sinek, 2017). With this, the term viral is now a common phrase. The ability of an organization website to go viral even at one of three levels…...

MajorityMiddle of the Road of SDN and cloud environment

Majority/Middle of the Road of SDN and cloud environment security issuesSDN will become important as IoT matures and its demands on the network increase. For SDN to become the norm, the growing number of mobile and other connected devices must begin to process the data they create between them. Additionally, the sectors interested in accessing data from these connected devices will n eed to create security related processes to transfer and store this data. Experts have a term to describe…...

Administration and Management of systems and networkServer

Administration and Management of systems and network Server publicly accessible Based on the case study it mentioned most code and documentation is stored on servers, which are publicly accessible via the Internet and the software plan to sell in the future. On my opinion, the code and documentation should be access only by the admin and should save it in different location that inaccessible by the public. This can make the code disappear or affected viruses. Routers that connect a…...

Life Enhancement by Technology

As technology advances, it is easier for people to advertise their products. A positive way technology is used to advertise is allowing us to buy products around the globe. One website that technology provided us with is Amazon. People use Amazon to buy almost anything you need nowadays. This makes buying and selling products way faster, as you can use Amazon at home, school, work, and even in the restroom. Almost everyone has a phone nowadays, which makes Amazon more…...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Positive side of cloud computing Making people independent from physical resources Enables off-site storage (access data from anywhere) Provides with uncountable resources Useful for office staff One of the constant technologies of virtualisation Help to get rid of excess of hardware Negative side of cloud computing Cloud services costs for lifetime Uploading data to cloud builds up security and privacy issue Speed of downloading the uploaded data on cloud Virtualization Terms Virtual Machine - It is a collection of virtual…...

The IT Governance Framework

The IT governance framework right now in utilize at the University of the Southeast may be a centralized, IT Government. All IT-related choices are firmly controlled without communications to the people specifically influenced by the choices. it looks like there are no choice rights in place at the College. No one contains a "role" per say within the decision making when it comes to the IT administration framework. It is fair the CIO making recommendations, and after that the staff…...

Internet of things_updated

Internet of thingsOpportunitiesChallengesToward a Smarter InternetSubmitted By:SABA JAMILS193049Did you know?Through a network of Internet-connected physical objects, which will collect data automatically, IoT is already a development in Silicon Valley and is employed in conjunction with cognitive computing to analyze health data, and to assist in watching and maintenance across the utilities, logistics, and transport and industrial sectors.IntroductionThe IOT(Internet of things) thought was coined by a member of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) development community in 1999, and it has recently…...

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