Closed-book vs closed-notes quiz Essay

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Closed-book vs closed-notes quiz

1. This is a closed-book, closed-notes quiz. No reference material (including assignments and labs) will be permitted for use during the quiz session. 2. The quiz contains the following types of questions:

* Short essay type
3. Place your answers in the space immediately following each question.

Quiz Questions
1. What does MAO define? Defines how long a business can be without system or applications before having adverse effects on the mission of the business.

2. Define CSFs for a BIA. The success of recovering critical systems or application necessary in an event that interrupts the services of the business.

3. List four of the seven steps for a contingency plan based on the NIST 800-34 standard. Develop a BIA, develop a recovery strategy, preventive controls identified, test the plan and train individuals.

4. What is the objective of a BIA? To identify the critical and non-critical resources of a business.

5. In the seven domains of an IT infrastructure, list three things that should be included as CBFs. The System/Application Domain, The LAN Domain, and the WAN domain.

6. List at least two differences between BCP and a DRP plan. A BCP covers all units of the business while the DRP covers functions of the IT department only. A BCP contains strategy and incidents to be included and the DRP contains recovery steps and procedures.

7. Describe and list four elements of a BCP. Identify critical equipment necessary for the business mission. Identifying critical personnel necessary for the business to return to normal operations of the business. Conduct a BIA, determine the impact on the business if systems were unavailable. Maintenance and updating of the BCP as changes are made to the network.

8. What does a BCP program manager do? What are his or her duties? Take the leadership role as they are responsible for writing the BCP and conducting the BIA.

9. Describe and list two of the commonly used teams for a BCP. BIA- which is the business impact analysis- The impact a disruption of service would have on a business. DRP- Disaster recovery plan- plans to recover from a disaster resulting in a loss of business systems necessary for the business to operate normally.

10. Describe at least one element that would be in a recovery phase of a BCP plan. An Alternative site to set up business operations in the event of a lost site due to a disaster.

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