Clique Mobile Coffee Essay

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Clique Mobile Coffee

Background and Rationale

‘Studying the fundamental reasons why the proponents aim to establish a business coffee shop’.

A coffee shop or cafeteria businesses are already popular worldwide, too many names, establishment and products. Almost every coffee shop businesses stay long because of satisfying income. How about innovation to this business that have a risk but can probably maximize profit. Mobile coffee shops that acquired equipments that almost within a vehicle that travels to different places is definitely unique and new that’s why it is feasible. The proponents are aiming to study the reasons this business should be implemented and figured out a solution to all the problems that may encounter to the research. These are some reasons and problems:

1. An innovation should have a perfect research before implementing and it is bit difficult to introduce to the mass market.

2. Risky is involved because it can easily bump by other cars that it may destroy the vehicle full of machineries and high value assets and equipment that can probably explode.

3. Implementing is one of the hardest part because it has a lot of process and there were only few high-ways to trip, also it has limited places to go like traveling at the urban areas and primary highways.

4. Supply of coffee beans can be also limited, Benguet, the province itself produce supply of resources wherein the harvest is by season.

5. The weather of course can cause the profit loss especially here in Benguet where rainy season is mostly half-year.

I. Project Summary

I.1 Name of the Business

“ Clique Mobile Café

Clique is the proposed name of the business because it’s a converted vehicle that in just one click it is transformed into a business mobile and it has Wi-Fi. In addition, ‘mobile’, as the word itself, it can travel to one place to another while the mobile itself is the kitchen.

I.2 Business Logo

I.3 Location
Burnham Park Baguio City, Benguet

I.4 Descriptive Definition of the Project

Clique Café is a coffee shop that serves not only beverages but includes food, bread and pastry products. It has small kitchen, machineries in making coffee and pastry products and a small portable comfort room. The dining is an open area just outside around the vehicle wherein all the tables and chairs are portable including the tabernacles and tent that covers the place. It has a dimension of 21ft x 9ft x 9ft. It’s a food and beverage business which the main product is coffee. It travels to different places where people usually hang-out. Clique Café serves some beverages such as herbal tea, hot and cold Chocó coffee.

I.5 Vision and Mission


We aim to travel nationwide to provide the best quality coffee and bread for breakfast in every Filipino household that can purchase our most affordable product. We intend to promote tourism and make our own trademark name of coffee product that positions ourselves as premier coffee shop nationwide.


To provide the best quality and most satisfying offer product with high standard services. To continuously promote teamwork and excellence in our establishment and provide a good environmental relationship between our employees and customers.

I.6 Objective

There are two main products we aim to provide to our market. Our café will establish the commonly used style of coffee which is serving coffee and bread. But we want to make name for our own product. We aim in making our very own unique taste for our products that our market would want to have. We strongly believe that this would be possible by the aid of using indigenous raw product we have in Baguio. Being a city located in the Benguet Province, the province mainly produces harvest of coffee beans that have quality which can compete with its own flavor.

This flavor is what we want to introduce in the mass market. The Province also is the main provider of fresh vegetables and fruits that our café can make use of in producing breads. We will able to make recipes from these indigenous products. These are the product that Clique Mobile Café would be proud of and carry under its brand. Clique Mobile Cafe goal is to satisfy our customer by the unique products with the very best of goods and services that we can offer. And we want our business and product will known all over the world.

I.7 History

Coffee History

The history of coffee goes at least as far back as the thirteenth century with a number of myths surrounding its first use. The original native population of coffee is thought to have come from East Africa specifically to Ethiopia, and it was first cultivated by Arabs from the 14th century. The earliest credible evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the 15th century, in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. By the 16th century, it had reached the rest of the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and northern Africa. Coffee then spread to the Balkans, Italy and to the rest of Europe, to Indonesia and then to the Americas.

Coffee shop History

Coffeehouse and coffee shop are related terms for an establishment which primarily serves prepared coffee and other hot beverages. Café or cafe or caff may refer to a coffeehouse, bar, tea room, small and cheap restaurant, transport cafe, or other casual eating and drinking place, depending on the culture. A coffeehouse may share some of the same characteristics of a bar or restaurant, but it is different from a cafeteria. As the name suggests, coffeehouses focus on providing coffee and tea as well as light snacks. Many coffee houses in the Middle East, and in West Asian immigrant districts in the Western world, offer shisha (nargile in Turkish and Greek), flavored tobacco smoked through a hookah. Espresso barsare a type of coffeehouse that specializes in serving espresso and espresso-based drinks.

II. Management Aspect

Business organization

A business organization is an individual or group of people that collaborate to achieve certain commercial goals. Some business organizations are formed to earn income for owners. Other business organizations, called nonprofits, are formed for public purposes. These businesses often raise money and utilize other resources to provide or support public programs.

2.1 Partnership

Partnership is a business organization in which two or more individuals manage and operate the business. Both owners are equally and personally liable for the debts from the business. Therefore the proponents will adopt the Partnership form of business. The proponents chose partnership because it’s not big and broad as a corporation and the capital is lesser than a larger business. The proposed project is easily managed by two or more people or the owners itself.

Rules and Guidelines of Partnership

One of the potential drawbacks of a partnership is that the other partners are bound to contracts signed by each other on behalf of the partnership. Choosing partners you can trust, and who are savvy, is critical.

Making Money

Making money is the first rule because it is the biggest impetus for any deal. The deals that actually get done are the ones that can prove their worth. Companies often have a minimum monetary threshold, but if you can prove that a lucrative alliance can be made, then you should be in discussion about working together.

Naming Business

Naming business partnership is actually a very important step in creating partnership agreement because it formally establishes the business entity for legal purposes. All documents referring to the partnership should use the partnership’s name, once you and your business partners register it.

Contribution to Partnership

A partnership agreement must include the capital or property each of the partners is investing in the company. The agreement should also include what roles each partner will be performing when the business is operational, including managerial capacities and who controls the day-to-day operation of the business.The partners dedicate resources such as financial, technical, staff and reputational toward achieving agreed objectives over time. They also establish a new organization with shared governance and a management unit to deliver these activities. Partners don’t draw a salary and share profits and losses equally. Partners have a duty of loyalty to the other partners and must not enrich themselves at the expense of the partnership, and also have a duty to provide financial accounting to the other partners.

Allocating Profits and Losses

Allocating profits and losses is a key element of company’s partnership agreement. This section of agreement determines how much money each partner stands to make, including what percentage of profit each member may receive, as well as what percentage of business losses each partner must absorb. It’s usually illegal to create a partnership agreement that assigns a higher percentage liability to a partner than the partner originally invested in the company. Keeping responsibility for losses commensurate with each partner’s percentage investment should preserve the legal integrity of the document.

Determining Partnership Authority

Without specific language detailing each partner’s authority in the business, any partner can force the entire company into a binding legal agreement without the consent of your other partners. Clearly defining each partner’s power within the company to enter into binding agreements keeps the partnership from spreading itself too thin and making bad business decisions. This rule can also put a system in place for the partnership to make business decisions, including rules on voting and obtaining partner consent. The other rules would be found in a written partnership agreement. Such an agreement could outline procedures for making major business decisions, how profits and losses will be split, and how much control each partner maintains.

2.2 Owner of the Business
Clique mobile café is owned by Mr. John Ericson P. Amistad and Ahldrin L. Abellera.

2.3 Organizational Chart

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