Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Worksheet Essay

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Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Worksheet

A clinincal assessment is way for a professional to diagnose a patient. This involves evaluating the patient by asking questions and having the patient answer them. This is used to determine why and how a person is behaving the way that they are. This can also be used to see how a patient has made progress after treatment. For example: What brings you in today?

What are your symptoms?
Are you married?
What is your family history?
Have you ever thought about hurting your self or any one else. This can also include clinical interventions, clinical tests, and clinical observations.


A diagnosis the the determination of a perso’s psychological issues that include a disorder. This can include several different steps and options. Some may include:
Categorical information
Demensional Information
And Additional information such as medical history such as heart issues or diabetes.

Laslty, the therapist will decide upon a treatment. Thwy will decide what particular therapy is best for the patients issues. Thi is when the DSM-5 can come in. They will decide on what will work best for the patients. The professional may decide on a combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy. This type of treatment has been known to treat issues such as depression.

Answer the following questions in 150-200 words each.

1. What role does the DSM-5 play in clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment?

The DSM-5 is a handbook that is used by health care professionals. This is an imposing guide to the diagnoses to mental disorders.This contains the descriptions, symptoms, and other criteria for identifying mental disorders. This helps to provide a common language for clinicans to communicate about patients and come up with a diagnoses that can be used to research the disorder.

2. What is an example of abnormal psychology that you have seen in your community? I believe that the most popular abnormal psychology that I have seen in my community is dysfunction. I believe that this is something that is present in all communities at this point in time. Take for example the recent riots surrounding the Ferguson shooting. This is an example of dysfuntion. The people did not protest the verdict they rioted and looted.

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