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Climate System

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Essay, Pages 1 (210 words)



Essay, Pages 1 (210 words)

Climate change can be defined as a long – term change in the patterns of weather. Climate system consumes the energy from sun. The term climate is different from weather. Weather changes for few days or months whereas climate occurs for a long period of time. Every place has different climate depending on the atmosphere of area.

There are some other variables which are present in the system of climate. The earth’s energy budget is also a part of climate system.

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It can be calculated by the balance of net outgoing and ingoing energy, and the passage of the energy through the climate system. The earth’s energy budget is always positive when the outgoing energy is lower than Ingoing energy and negative when Ingoing energy is higher than outgoing energy. Some amount of energy is released to outer space from climate system.

In the past few years, climate change became the biggest issue in the world. Many nations are reeling under this issue because of its detrimental effects.

Comparing to previous years, the percentage of climate change has risen significantly, this change is harmful for future generation. The National Academics Of Sciences Engineering Medicine calculated the data of average surface temperature change of previous years and some estimations for future.

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