Climate Change – Essay Essay

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Climate Change – Essay

In the present-day society, the human race is advancing at a staggering rate. However, at the meantime, the environment has been polluting with the high-tech. The most obvious is climate warming. Therefore, we should protect the environment at once. In my opinion, the causes of the climate change are multiple.

Firstly, some people have not the realized the environment which has been polluted, so they have not the awareness to protect the environment, and even damage the environment. And some of people realized it, but they have no ability to give some contribution for the environment. And another people who have the ability to protect the environment, but it will have some conflict for their benefit. Hence, the government should cultivate the sense of protecting the environment to citizens.

Secondly, some large industries are not control the emissions which led to the climate warning. So the authorizes must scrutinize the industries and encourage them to protect the environment. On the other hand, the government ought to draw more laws to punishment the industries which destroy the environment.

Overall, the government is a very important role to arrest the climate warming.

Today, China is advancing at a staggering rate in some of areas. For example, politics, economic, and culture.

In politics, we have a good relationship with the whole world. The mind of peaceful from our country has been accepted by the whole world. Our country is the one of security council members.

In economic, we have many trades with some developed country, for example, America. It led to our economic developing very fast.

In culture, culture is very important for a country, we have a long history about 5000 years. So our country is an unlack of country. We are very proud of this.

Well, the causes………………are multip.

For example, in our country, you know, we have many many people who need to meet resources. You know the resources is limited, therefore resources and population are the important factor for developing countries.

Furthermore, some resources have not been fully utilized, because of the technology. So most of resources have been wasted. For example, Japan recycle some of resources from China, and rework them, Japan have gotten many profits from Chinese resources. So I think the technology is an important factor as well.

In the end, education is very very important factor. You know the education depend on the country’s future. However, in China, the university rankings

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