Climate Change (Class Project) Essay

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Climate Change (Class Project)

Let’s first begin with “what is climate change?” – it is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of decades to millions of years [1]. Climate change is caused by several factors [2]:

* Internal forcing mechanism (Natural processes of the climate system itself)
* Ocean variability
* External forcing mechanism (A process that alters the balance of the climate system [3])
* Orbital variation
* Solar variation
* Volcanism
* Plate tectonics
* Human influences

Since the formation of Earth, our planet’s climate had been constantly evolving and changing, some are stable natural processes, leaving no serious bad impacts, while some changes are by external forces, that distorts the balance of the climate system, affecting negatively on the Earth’s geo-spheres, damaging the ecosystem, threatening our lives,… The best example of External Forces is us – the influences of our species have affected most on the climate among all of the above factors. The average temperature of the Earth’s surface over periods of 50 years is rising. Global warming [4] – a direct consequence of the Climate Change is currently a serious international concern. The “credit” for the “greatest contribution” to this problem belongs to human! Global warming is the rise of Earth’s average temperature over periods of decades, since the late 19th Century, which is rising fast and still accelerating.

Global Warming leads to many consequences, for now, the most concerned one is the melting of the Polar Ice caps, eventually leading to rising of sea level, extinction of Polar species,… and countless of other problems. So how is mankind responsible for Global Warming? First we will answer what is the source of Global Warming? – Green house gases! They form a “shield” in the atmosphere, trapping the heat that Earth absorbs from the sun, making the Earth gain more heat than it loses, leading to Global Warming. And where do green house gases come from? – Human! Actually we are not the only ones that release green house gases, the responsible for this, but we gave the “greatest contribution”. It begins with the Industrial Revolution, 1750 – 1850, since then, the CO2 (Carbon [6] Dioxide – a GHG) level in the atmosphere began to rise at an incredibly scary speed. In less than 50 years, thanks to ourselves…

The CO2 level had crossed the line that it never did in 650,000 years before, and this is still only one of the many GHGs. Some other examples are CH4 (Methane), CO Never in the history of Earth, until just a few decades ago, the CO2 level has passed the 300ppm line. (Carbon Monoxide),…[7] many of them are much worse than CO2. All these gases are constantly produced and released, from our daily activities, usage of cars, fridge, air conditional, cooking,… to massive factories with huge, fuel-consumptive machines, engines,… Even farting counts, it releases CH4, a toxic GHG. Forest fires are also a huge source, they not only release huge amounts of CO2, but also destroying valuable GHG filters – trees, so is deforestation. In most cases, both these destructions are also caused by human. The effect of Global Warming is instant, nature is already starting to take her revenge on us, on both the ones who deserve and the ones who don’t.

The rise of Earth’s surface & atmosphere temperature ruins the living condition of many species – some plants and animals may find the new climate too warm for their survival. The warmer climate increases the possibility of bacteria & fungi developing, pollution levels in cities, increased risk of diseases,… Extreme weathers, violent storms, higher tides, drought… and many other weather hazards also occur more. And as stated above, the melting of Polar caps, leads to extinction of Polar species, rising of sea level, leads to the inundation of coastal areas, giving the huge population of humans less space to live, leads to increased population density, eventually poverty rate,… those are just a small portion of all the troubles we are facing, and will face. [10] Vietnam, as the rest of the world, is also a victim, will also share this burden.

As a Vietnamese, I have a bit to say about Climate Change in our perspective. As a coastal country, the rising of sea level is the scariest of the problems, by the time the whole Ice Caps finished melting (sea level rises by 61 meters) [8], we would have barely any lands left. Right now, the Middle part of Vietnam is already [9] suffering from annual storms and floods, with very high human & material casualties. We should all now clearly understand how serious this threat is. The only solution to this is that everyone takes this problem seriously, which too few do to make a change. Flood in Middle-Vietnam, November 2011.

Never in the history of Earth, the climate is so drastically changed, Global Warming is sped up so fast, until the involvement of mankind, like they don’t understand that they will be the first to suffer the consequences. The problem is not only they will, but other races will also suffer, everything on Earth will. The sooner we can start stopping this, the cleaner our home planet will be, the more lives will be saved, because we are already dying from what we created.

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