Climate change Essay

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Climate change

The topic of the dissertation is very clear and well-defined. The problems that have been set forth by the researcher have also been posed with great clarity. To wit, the dissertation aims to ascertaon how green travel blogs perceive the problem of climate change and the manner by which it is affected by the tourism industry; how tourists, in their green travel blogs, choose to go “green,” looking into their knowledge of the negative effects of tourism on climate change; and how green travel blogs contribute in making tourists aware of the relationship between tourism and climate change.

All these have been answered through an analysis of the discourse found in these blogs. The researcher acknowledges the strong relationship that exists between climate change and tourism, and thus analyzing the content of travel blogs will give clear indications about how tourism may further be enhanced through the perceptions of climate change derived from this medium. Simply put, this paper has given valuable input that shall help tourism flourish.

Literature Review The literature review is clearly yielded from the most recent sources on the topic. It directly discusses the importance of the subject by beginning with the relationship of climate change and tourism, as indicated by the World Tourism Organization in 2003. It also did mention the requisites that are asked from the tourism industry to help mitigate the problems on environment and climate change, setting a strong rationale for undertaking the study.

Empirical studies that further point out the relationship between these two variables were presented such as those of Becken and Hay (2007), Boniface and Cooper (2005), Hall and Higham (2005), Lockwood and Medlik (2002), Jones and Munday (2007), and Belle and Bramwell (2005), among others. From this backdrop, the review of related literature zooms in on the role of travel blogs as a medium for promotion, product distribution, communication, management, and research has been clearly suggested from various empirical studies.

These have successfully gained popularity in order to ensure that they communicate initiatives in the fight against climate change and/or global warming. Major books and journal articles have been gathered and synthesized in a coherent manner to allow for an effective springboard for the research. Moreover, relevant transition from each portion of the literature to the next may be observed. There is synthesis and a demonstration of the interrelationships of concepts, making the review cohesive and critical.

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