Client-Server Networking Essay Essay

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Client-Server Networking Essay

The problem in the given scenario for the user is that the new driver installed to be compatible with the graphics adapter was not downloaded correctly or was incomplete. This is what causes the secondary malfunctions with the screen. When he was seeing the wavy lines it meant that the driver needed to be updated to use the new graphics adapter. He then checked the device manager and saw that it could be updated. He did so and restarted the computer afterwards. As it started he began hearing the noises because the driver was not downloaded correctly. And he then lost the display and could not diagnose the issue properly. In order to resolve this issue you must first restart the computer.

As it comes back up from restarting you would put it in safe mode. It should give you the option to do this like it does to start windows normally. Now that you are in safe mode you are able to use a generic graphics driver that it has within it. But you must first uninstall the new driver that was showing the issues and re-install the driver you have before. From here you just wait for the next compatible driver for that graphic adapter to come out for use. Do not attempt to download the new driver again. From there your issue is temporarily resolved.

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