Client Essay Topics

Challenging a client to change

In this essay I have chosen to write about challenging client’s responses, I will look at the Gestalt theory of challenge and then use a counselling session with a client to describe how I invited challenge to move forward with my client’s issues. Challenging a client’s responses Counselling is more than active and empathetic listening. Part of… View Article

Pediatric Developmental Analysis

1. Describe the stage the client should be in based on the age. Refer to your text for this information. Include the characteristics of the stage. The client should be in the school age. The developmental task of the school age is to develop industry versus inferiority. The child at this stage is learning how… View Article

Proposed Capstone Project

To implement the system in an online environment. To design a database that will organize blotter related information and records. To provide a search facility for finding and filtering of records. To include a module that will facilitate updating of reported blotters. To generate statistical reports pertinent for decision making. Project Description Police officers are… View Article

System Analysis Design

This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, the objectives of the study with its two type’s general and specific objectives, hypothesis of the study, scope and delimitation of the study, the significance of the study and the definition of terms. INTRODUCTION In part of human life, there are occasions that… View Article