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Click and Mortar Method in Business

Categories: BusinessTechnology

The pure E- tailer is one of the most successful Ecommerce method compared to Click and Mortar method.

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The primary basis of the E-tailer Ecommerce method functions properly and more appropriately through the use of internet. Actually the pure E-tailer is one of the methods that absolutely uses the internet sources as a way of providing a room for the customers to shop and look for goods as well as devices online (Archer, 2002).

Due to the technological evolution worldwide businesses are being transacted in an online basis and it is the responsibility of some companies.

It provides a means of selling the goods to the consumers through the use of electronic machines. The click and Mortar provides a definite store that is provided in online basis to provide a variety of goods to the consumers and also in the physical means (Henson, 2004). In clicks and Mortar ecommerce model they focus on providing services and goods to the consumer either by the physical means or in the internet.

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Comparing the E-tailer and the Click and Mortar Ecommerce method, the E tailer is the most successful method than the Click and Mortar method. The E- tailer type of business opens the door to high profits because some activities are eliminates such as the physical trade space, employment and also inventory. This method of ecommerce is able to provide goods to customer’s world wide through the use of the internet while they maintain their stores in one location (Bornes, 2007). They do not need to look for different location as compared to the Click and Mortar method. The development of internet has made people to transact business online as when maintains the business in one location.


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